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30 Sep. 2022


Unforgettable Lviv: How to spend a budget-friendly weekend for adults and children



Unforgettable Lviv: How to spend a budget-friendly weekend for adults and children

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

Now more than ever, we need to be together with family and the closest people. To be together, to feel each other's warmth, mutual understanding, and inner safety.

We want your time with your family and children to be fulfilling, fun, and useful. Therefore, we have prepared for you tips on where to go and what to see with children in City of Lion.

The most popular museums of Lviv, unique tourist locations, and attractions that will help you to get to know the city better you can visit for free or with a discount with the Lviv City Card. There are plenty of locations for more than one walk!

Let's go!

Wonder Train

Have you seen colorful carriages that slowly pass through the streets of the city center? Your family can become its passengers too. The excursion here is a real adventure for young dreamers. Plan a trip through the historical part of Lviv with an interesting audio guide for adults and children, and explore the main streets, temples, and palaces in just an hour.

1 Rynok Sq. (at the entrance to the City Hall)

Dungeons of the Museum of Religion History

What is the best way to remember history, if not with the help of legends, interesting facts, and terrifying legends? In the dungeon of the Museum of Religion History, we can easily do it together with our kids. Here, in the slightly creepy halls, we will learn about the secrets of Prince Lev, about Princess Halshka Ostrozka and her tragic romantic story, about treasures and secret passages.

1 Muzeina Sq.

Metropolitan gardens

Metropolitan Gardens is a little-known place even among Lviv residents. They are located next to St. George's Cathedral, and together with the Metropolitan Chambers and surrounding areas, they form the Sviatoyursky complex. The territory of the amazingly beautiful garden is a great example of landscape art.

5 St. George Sq.

Interactive museum "D.S. Secret Pharmacy"

The secrets of alchemists, pharmaceutical experiments, magic "pills of happiness" – this is only part of what the "Secret Pharmacy" offers to discover. We advise you to call the museum before visiting. Thus, in addition to free entrance, you have the opportunity to take an interactive tour around the pharmacy every hour for free with Lviv City Card. Kids will be delighted!

1 Soborna Sq.

Museum of Natural History

Have you ever seen your child excitedly flipping through a book about animals, or breathlessly watching a cartoon or documentary about the ancient inhabitants of the planet? If so, the Museum of Natural History is what you need. The guides here know well how to work with children, so they are interested and entertained. Besides, you will discover a lot of new and amazing stuff for yourself.

18 Teatralna St.

"Oceanarium Lviv" underwater kingdom

Plunge into the amazing marine world: colorful fish-clowns and fish-parrots, a tunnel with slightly creepy sharks, a pool with stingrays. Here you can wander and leisurely observe the sea inhabitants' daily life, book an excursion, learn something new for yourself and reveal the underwater kingdom to children. To fully immerse yourself in this atmosphere, watch a 3D show with a mermaid and the god of the sea – Neptune.

8 Shevchenka Sq.

Picturesque "Vernissage" market

If you think of something to bring from Lviv that would be authentic, but not banal – welcome to "Vernissage"! You can find original souvenirs, paintings, vyshyvankas, some antiques, and much more. The main attraction of the "Vernissage" is the exclusivity of the products. You never know for sure what you will find here today. If shopping and buying souvenirs are not your things, this art market will be a good non-standard location on your route while exploring Lviv.
Vicheva Sq.

Quest from MuMi

In addition to visiting museums, together with children, you can complete the quest "Like a fish in the city” for free. How to take part? Create a team and register on the City Museum website. After that, you can get a traveler's backpack in the museum, Tourist Information Center, or one of the libraries. Next, you will have a fascinating adventure in the City of Lion, with challenging questions where you will need all your attention. You will have to be inventive to complete all the tasks!

The evening or even the whole day you can spend, for example, here:

Caramel Manufactory 
The only confectionery in Ukraine where you can taste and buy natural handmade caramel. By the way, the cooking of caramel is happening right in front of your eyes: even adults are fascinated by such a spectacle. Well, how about making sweets together with the whole family by yourself? Easy! Register for the master class and have a sweet time!  

18 Serbska St.

"Domazhyr" Bear Shelter

Visit the rehabilitation center, listen to the story of the shelter, learn the stories of the bears, and meet Frankie, Frosia, Christina, or Leo. After the tour, you can buy a souvenir and relax in one of the pavilions or a café. An active time outside the city, children, and bears – can you imagine how much excitement there will be?

Zhornyska village, 1 Vedmezhyi krai St.

Organ Hall

Basic habits of a child start forming at a young age. Do you agree? The Organ Hall is a place where it is so easy to love music! There you will find an exhibition of paintings, a discovered fresco, an old church, and surely a lot of music. 

8 Bandery St.

Do not waste such precious time – take your children, loved ones or the closest people and let's enjoy the city and each other! 
More information about places to visit, restaurants, events, and tips for traveling to Lviv you can find on the website.