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03 Nov. 2022


Cost of living in the Czech Republic: how much does housing, food, and travel cost

Cost of living
Czech Republic


Cost of living in the Czech Republic: how much does housing, food, and travel cost

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

The Czech Republic is a country with a high standard of living, but its cost is much lower than in most EU countries. If you add the advantageous geographical position of the Czech Republic, in the center of Europe, and the rich culture, the Czech Republic can without a doubt be considered a good choice for emigration. Prague ranked 60th out of 227 cities in the Mercer Cost of Living 2022 ranking. It is cheaper to live here than in London, Dublin and Milan.

A budget of 35,000 Czech crowns (1,400 euros) per month is enough for a family of 2 people with an average level of expenses.

Housing rent and cost of utilities in the Czech Republic

Renting housing in the Czech Republic is much cheaper than in the countries of Western Europe. A one-room apartment in the center of Prague will cost 15,000 kroner (600 euros) per month, in more remote areas you can find housing for 9,800 kroner (400 euros) per month. The rental price is affected by the proximity of the apartment to the historic city center and the availability of the metro line.

In Ostrava and Brno, rental costs will be slightly lower, as demand is not as high as in Prague, which has seen a significant increase in the number of expats in recent years. Outside the big cities, the cost of housing decreases accordingly.

One-room apartments in the Czech Republic often do not have a separate kitchen. Also, you should expect that when signing the lease agreement, the owner may ask to pay the rent for the first and last month of residence.

Utilities - additional 4,500 kroner (180 euros) - water supply, electricity, garbage removal. It is worth noting that in the Czech Republic, most often, light and gas are tied to a specific person, not to a residence. Non-specialized utility payments are also allocated - lighting in the entrance, cleaning the territory of the house.

A home internet package will cost 490 kroner (20 euros) per month.

Prices for products in the Czech Republic

Products in the Czech Republic are inexpensive, 8,500-10,000 crowns (350-400 euros) will be enough for a family per month, if you cook all the time at home, you can invest 5,000 crowns (200 euros).

Large European retail chains operate in the Czech Republic: the English supermarkets Tesco, the German Aldi and Albert, the local division of the Dutch Ahold Delhaize, as well as Billa and Lidl. When buying products in the supermarket, give preference to products with the Klassa sticker - this is a state mark, which means high product quality.

Special attention should be paid to farmers' markets, the products here are of high quality and moderate prices.

Restaurants and entertainment in the Czech Republic

Lunch for two in an inexpensive restaurant will cost 380 kroner (16 euros), in a middle-class establishment or in a tourist center 800 kroner (32 euros). Tobacco is expensive in the Czech Republic, a pack of cigarettes is 85 crowns (3.5 euros). A bottle of wine - 129 crowns (5 euros), local beer - 18 crowns (0.7 euros).

In addition to traditional Czech restaurants, there are British pubs, French pastry shops, restaurants of Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisine, as well as many Argentinian steakhouses and even Cuban restaurants.

Two tickets to the Prague Theater - 1,800 kroner (70 euros). An evening at the cinema will cost significantly less than 260 kroner (10 euros).

Transport and gasoline costs in the Czech Republic

Intercity transportation in the Czech Republic is represented by buses and trains.

The cost of 1 liter of fuel is approximately from 1.29 euros to 1.36 euros. To travel on toll highways, you need to buy a car vignette, which is sold at gas stations and costs 55.5 euros per year.

For trips around the city, it is better to use public transport. 1 trip will cost 26 kroner (1 euro). Travel ticket for 1 month, 540 kroner (20 euros). The pass is valid for all types of transport and does not limit the number of trips.

Medical services

The Czech Republic has a high level of health care. Holders of state insurance policies receive free medical services. The basic monthly package will cost 2,000 kroner (80 euros) per person. It includes a doctor's examination and the dispensing of prescription drugs.

A visit to the doctor, for those who do not have insurance, will cost 25-30 euros. Dental services are especially expensive. Travel insurance will come in handy for those planning a short-term trip to the Czech Republic.

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