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07 Mär. 2022


How Ukrainian business works at war - EBA survey



How Ukrainian business works at war - EBA survey

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The European Business Association conducted a short survey on how member companies are currently operating. Thus, 17% of companies reported that they were working full time, 16% of them have limited the geography of their activities, 19% were forced to close some offices / outlets / offices. The other 29% of companies are currently out of business, and 27% have suspended, but want to resume operations. Only 1% have plans to close their business.

Most companies, namely 63% continue to pay full salaries to employees, 45% do so with additional or advance payments. Only 3% were forced to cut pay, and 1% were sent on unpaid leave or forced to lay off staff.

To support their employees, 68% paid a month or more in advance, 29% reimbursed the team for relocation, 23% rented accommodation in western Ukraine or abroad, and 1% introduced insurance for those who continue to go to work.

Most businesses also provide a variety of military or defense support. Namely, 41% help financially, 35% support workers who defend the country, 31% supply products, 29% provide services, 16% - medicines, 9% - means of protection / defense.

Among the member companies of the Associations, only 34% did business in or with Russia. 31% of them are completely severing ties with the aggressor country, 14% are suspending work, and another 34% are currently considering it.

The European Business Association is the largest association of foreign, European and domestic business in Ukraine. The Association includes representative offices of the largest international and European companies, as well as companies of Ukrainian origin. The association was founded in 1999 with the support of the European Commission in Ukraine.