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21 Mai. 2023


How has the world's attitude towards Ukraine changed in the course of more than a year of war?

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How has the world's attitude towards Ukraine changed in the course of more than a year of war?

Unfortunately, before the full-scale invasion, most people in the world knew almost nothing about Ukraine as an independent state, and some even considered it an appendage of russia. Find out how the world's attitude towards Ukraine has changed

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Until February 24, 2022, Ukrainians traveling in Europe and other countries often faced unpleasant situations when locals mistook them for russians. For example, one could repeatedly hear "zdravstvuyte," "spasibo," and "do svidaniya" from people who considered it polite to address Ukrainians in russian. It was also not uncommon for people to praise russian cities, historical or cultural figures, instead of Ukrainian ones, in an attempt to show their awareness and "respect."

It is important to note that people themselves are not to blame for this, as russia has been actively working for many years to spread propaganda that Ukraine, as an independent state, simply does not exist. Therefore, only russia should be blamed.

And, unfortunately, for the world to learn about the real Ukraine, it had to face a terrible war unleashed by the russian authorities. Today, Ukrainians are admired all over the world, and they are called the bravest nation, and Zelenskyy is called the best president. But it is unfortunate that the price of this attitude has been too high.

How are Ukrainians viewed in the world today? Let's figure it out together.

What kind of support have refugees from Ukraine received?

From the very beginning of the full-scale invasion to the present day, Ukrainian refugees have received unprecedented support and assistance around the world. When russia launched its offensive, Ukrainian citizens were able to travel to Europe without passports, with undocumented animals, and without certificates of vaccination against covid. 

Moreover, Ukrainians were able to stay in the Schengen area without a 90-day limit, work and study legally, use medical facilities and use public transportation and many other services for free or at a significant discount.

This is the attitude towards Ukrainian citizens not only in European neighboring countries, but also in the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and many other countries.

Of course, russia has been actively spreading the narrative that Ukrainians do not deserve such assistance and that this is unfair to refugees from other countries. However, frankly speaking, people from Ukraine have always been known for their hard work, and therefore, even after receiving financial assistance and free housing, most of them immediately went to work, offered help and started volunteering instead of sitting on social assistance in a shelter.

Thus, according to the Center for Research at the University of Warsaw, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Ukrainians have paid more than 2 billion euros in taxes in Poland alone, which is significantly higher than the amount the country has allocated to support refugees from Ukraine.

Another significant contribution was the simplification of the visa regime, which is still in effect today. Some countries have even abolished visa requirements for Ukrainian citizens. 

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The world stands in solidarity with Ukrainians in their fight against russia

Today, Ukraine is a popular "trend," which is why ordinary people from all over the world are still actively volunteering, collecting and sending humanitarian aid, donating to Ukrainian foundations, and organizing various events and campaigns in support of Ukrainians. 

Moreover, foreigners have begun to take an active interest in the culture and history of Ukraine, learn the Ukrainian language, and dream of coming back after the victory. However, there are also those who are traveling to Ukraine today, despite the war and the constant threat of missile attacks from russia. Among the visiting foreigners are both volunteers and ordinary people who want to get to know Ukraine better.

It should be noted separately that in almost every European city you can see many Ukrainian flags, posters with words of support or ridicule of russian narratives. This not only supports Ukrainians and makes it clear that the world stands in solidarity with them, but also creates a positive image of Ukraine on the world stage.

What role does celebrity support for Ukraine play?

Coverage of true events, crimes of the russian federation and active assistance to Ukraine on social media by world-famous stars is another tool on the battlefield against russia, because a huge number of people listen to the opinion of celebrities. 

Thus, celebrity support still plays a significant role in popularizing Ukraine and strengthening its positive image. To date, despite russia's armed aggression, many popular people have visited Ukraine, including: Ben Stiller, Carrie Fukunaga, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Chastain, Liz Schreiber and Sean Penn. 

In addition, world stars are making documentaries and historical films about Ukraine, recording songs and music videos, producing merchandise in support of Ukrainians, and opening charitable foundations.

Read more about how world leaders travel by Ukrainian rail to the capital of Ukraine on diplomatic visits and what their preferences are in our previous article

Today, Ukraine and Ukrainians are not just a global trend, but a real leader that Western countries look up to. And one of the main reasons for this is the internal strength and resilience of the people. And most importantly, the unprecedented global support not only helps in the war against the aggressor, but also has a positive impact on the future of the state and possible prospects, as victory and reconstruction of Ukraine are not far off.

We remind you! The picturesque landscapes of Ukraine continue to attract foreign tourists despite the realities of war. Read about the rules for entering Ukraine, safe places and necessary documents for crossing the border in our article.

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