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22 Mai. 2023


Discover Ukraine: top tours to Ukrainian cities for foreigners



Discover Ukraine: top tours to Ukrainian cities for foreigners

Even in today's realities, the attractiveness of Ukraine's picturesque landscapes continues to attract foreign tourists. We have selected the best tours to Ukrainian cities that you can go to right now

Choose a tour in Ukraine for every taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for every taste

Ukraine is a strong and invincible country, whose heroism is talked about all over the world, and the picturesque landscapes of the country continue to attract foreign tourists even despite the realities of war. Rich culture, interesting history, delicious cuisine - all this is about Ukraine. In terms of area, Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe, so the country has many cities that are relatively safe for foreign tourists.

Let's discover Ukraine together! Our selection includes the top most interesting tours in Ukraine this summer.

Kyiv is the invincible capital of Ukraine

Of course, the main interest of foreign tourists is always the capital of the state. That is why the strong and bold capital of Ukraine - Kyiv is the main pearl for travelers. You can explore and understand Kyiv in just one day if you go on an individual tour "Kyiv - the invincible capital of Ukraine". The excursion route will pass through the main landmarks of the capital, travelers will see the ancient architecture of Kyiv, visit the main cathedrals and will be able to learn a lot of interesting things about the traditions, mentality and modern way of life of the people of Kyiv. Kyiv will certainly treat you to coffee and delicious dishes. No tourist will be left without a souvenir.

It should also not be forgotten that Kyiv is one of the oldest capitals of Europe, its history began more than 150 centuries ago. The city has almost 2,000 monuments of nature, history and culture. We invite travelers to go on a journey through the centuries during the Tour of Ancient Kyiv.

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Lviv is the cultural soul of Ukraine

Many tourists are already familiar with the architecture and culture of Lviv, but during the walk "Evening Lviv" you can discover something completely different, new and mysterious. Illuminated streets, illuminated houses and churches - Lviv looks very special in the evening. During this walk there will be everything - history, a bit of mysticism, architecture and of course love stories.

Connoisseurs of mysteries are invited to a mysterious walk through the Dungeons of Lviv, because there are many of them in the city. During the excursion, tourists will learn the history of the Dominican monastery, the old Lviv pharmacy, the Town Hall and other important cities of Lviv.

Tourists who prefer religious tourism will be interested in a tour of the "Temples of Lviv", because there are about 100 different denominations in the city. Churches, churches and cathedrals also inspire with unusual architecture and interesting stories.

Another unusual city of Lviv, which a tourist should see at least once is the Lychakiv Cemetery - a park of sleep and memory. You can walk through the open-air museum territory, see valuable monuments of sculpture and architecture, get acquainted with the biographies of prominent people during an individual tour to the Lychakiv cemetery.

You can also go on a one-day excursion from Lviv to the Tustan rock fortress, the Zakhar Berkut ski lift and the Kamianetskoy waterfall - a short tour to the Carpathians that does not require a lot of time and special physical training, but gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of the Carpathian nature in just one day.

Odesa is the southern pearl of Ukraine

Odesa is not just a Ukrainian city, it is a separate universe, super beautiful and very hospitable. Discover this Black Sea pearl during an individual sightseeing tour of Odessa. Also, if you are already in Odessa, we advise you to learn the mysterious history of the Odessa catacombs. During the trip, a lot of amazing things await the tourist: an underground bunker of the "Cold War" era, a cemetery of animals whose average age is 3.5 million years, the process of underground stone mining and many other interesting things.

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Read about the rules for entering Ukraine, safe places and necessary documents at the link. Who needs a visa to Ukraine and the procedure for its registration in this article.

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