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23 Mai. 2023


Before and after. What do the houses destroyed by the russians in Ukrainian cities look like today?

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Before and after. What do the houses destroyed by the russians in Ukrainian cities look like today?

Despite the ongoing war, Ukraine is already beginning to rebuild infrastructure in cities that were brutally destroyed by russian invaders. Find out what the rebuilt residential buildings in the capital and many other cities look like today

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According to the Kyiv School of Economics, the full-scale invasion caused Ukraine to suffer losses of more than $138 billion. The damage in the residential sector is estimated at $54 billion, including more than 150,000 residential buildings, of which about 18,000 are high-rise buildings, that have been damaged or completely destroyed. 

However, the reconstruction of the state has already begun, particularly in those regions where the Armed Forces have pushed the enemy back. And new apartment buildings are not only ready to welcome their owners again, but also surprise Ukrainians with a new modern design that looks much better than before.

Destroyed residential buildings in the capital and Kyiv region 

Of the 17 high-rise buildings in Kyiv that were almost completely destroyed by russian shelling, 11 have already been rebuilt. More than 350 high-rise buildings in the capital sustained minor damage, including destroyed balconies and broken windows. According to the Kyiv City Hall, they will be repaired by the end of the year.

As russian troops attempted to break through to the capital at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, more than 24,000 residential buildings in Kyiv region were heavily damaged. However, according to the regional military administration, more than 7,000 of them have already been restored.

One of the first Kyiv buildings to be hit by a russian missile was a residential complex on Lobanovsky Avenue, located in the Solomyansky district of the capital. At the time, dozens of videos of the explosion and the aftermath of the brutal attack were posted online. Fortunately, no one was injured that day. However, the building was heavily damaged. Several floors were completely destroyed, and the debris flew tens of meters away.

Today, the new building on Lobanovskogo looks like this.

According to preliminary estimates, the 16-storey building on Chornobylska Street was not subject to restoration, but after a detailed inspection, it was found that the supporting structures were not damaged. So today, the old Soviet panel building has turned into a modern new building with new communications.

Obolon district of Kyiv region also suffered from constant shelling at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. For example, a high-rise building on Bohatyrska Street was heavily damaged. The shelling caused the collapse of one entrance, and 100 out of 144 apartments were destroyed, some of which burned down completely. 

However, in December last year, the restoration work was completed, and today the building has a new modern design.

Unfortunately, buildings in the capital were also damaged by air defense. For example, a missile fragment damaged a high-rise building in the Darnytskyi district. As a result, the roof and some apartments on the upper floors caught fire. At the end of last year, the building was completely restored, and today it does not look like the old panel building.

In the Podil district of the capital, a five-story Khrushchev building was hit by a russian missile. A powerful explosion caused the walls and ceiling to collapse. However, today this building is almost unrecognizable.

What is the situation with the reconstruction of buildings in Kharkiv?

A five-story building in the suburbs of Kharkiv was one of the first to be damaged by enemy aircraft. A bomb hit near the yard caused the complete destruction of the building's facade. It took six months to start restoring the building because Kharkiv was constantly under heavy shelling. Today, the rebuilt Khrushchev has a much better modern design.

The high-rise building in Kharkiv's Solnechny district was on fire for several days because continuous shelling by the russian federation prevented rescuers from reaching the building. Even after the fire was extinguished, the building was uninhabitable, so the residents were forced to leave. However, the russians did not stop, and after a while they struck the building again. It seems incredible that the building survived, as even the supporting walls were destroyed by the high temperatures. But today, the high-rise looks like this.

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Reconstruction of Chernihiv region

Chernihiv became a fortress to protect Kyiv at the beginning of the russian invasion. The city withstood the invasion, but suffered significant damage due to shelling and bombing.

Many buildings received critical and minor damage. Today, some of them are beyond repair, but local authorities have already begun to restore some of them. 

For example, a multistory building on Mazepa Street, which was almost completely burned down by the russian attack, looks like new today, with only some interior work remaining. 

Another five-story building in Chernihiv, which partially collapsed as a result of the bombing of the city, has also been completely rebuilt. However, the repair work took a long time, as workers had to build new supporting walls, slabs and roofs, not to mention other work to restore communications and the building's exterior facade.

Restoration of damaged high-rise buildings in Odesa

The Odesa region still regularly suffers from rocket attacks and the invasion of attack drones. One of the most tragic acts of terror was last year's Easter attack. A russian missile hit the Tiras residential complex. The explosion destroyed the supporting structures, causing 30 apartments to be completely destroyed and another 62 to be severely damaged. Today, despite a serious collapse in the center of the building, local authorities have rebuilt the building, and it looks like this.

It is important to note that the authorities have not yet finalized a legal mechanism for compensation for destroyed housing as a result of russian aggression. Therefore, some of the restored houses were rebuilt at the expense of the owners, local authorities, and special funds or financing programs. In addition, foreign charitable organizations are also coming to the rescue.

We remind you! Rocket attacks on Kyiv and the region have been happening almost every day lately. Read our previous article to find out how Kyiv residents live during enemy attacks.

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