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19 Jul. 2023


Driving rules for foreigners in Ukraine: useful tips



Driving rules for foreigners in Ukraine: useful tips

Foreigners can freely enter Ukraine in their own cars. Find out all about the specifics of the traffic rules in Ukraine and other useful driving tips for foreigners

Take care of insurance for safe entry to Ukraine
Take care of insurance for safe entry to Ukraine

Foreigners traveling to Ukraine, whether for personal or business purposes, can move around the country in their own cars. In addition, citizens of other countries can rent a car, which is especially convenient for those crossing the Ukrainian border by public transport.

It is worth noting that in the summer season, there are considerable queues at Ukrainian checkpoints. Therefore, we advise you to check the border congestion before you set off on your trip. Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found here

And so that you don't have to look for convenient routes on your own, we have already prepared the most convenient options from different countries for you. Find out how fast and easy it is to get to Ukraine by car, train, bus or plane from:

– Lithuania – Czech Republic – Poland – Netherlands – France – Italy – Germany – Slovakia – Hungary – USA – Canada – 

Driving in Ukraine during martial law: what you need to know

No new traffic rules were introduced during martial law in Ukraine, but drivers should be prepared for some unexpected situations that, unfortunately, often occur on Ukrainian roads today.

1. Be as focused as possible on the road and keep a close eye on all road users, while following the traffic rules. This is important because you must be prepared for danger at all times.

2. Be prepared to give way, even where, according to the rules, you have the right of way. After all, on the roads of Ukraine, mainly in cities, there are now many patrol cars (police, military, ambulances and other first responders) that can respond to a call or potential danger at any time.

3. Do not approach military vehicles or record their movements. Firstly, it is prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine, and secondly, as a rule, military equipment has poor visibility, and therefore you may not be noticed on the road.

4. Do not exceed the speed limit and carefully monitor the road conditions, even if there are no other road users on the road besides your car. There may be defensive structures on the road, or incompletely dismantled checkpoints. These obstacles can cause an accident, especially if you hit them at high speed.

5. Follow the rules of behavior at checkpoints. You can read more about the rules of driving through checkpoints here.

6. Be attentive to pedestrians, especially in cities. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the rules and may cross the road in unexpected places.

Please note! To travel to Ukraine under martial law, it is important to have reliable insurance. The best choice for foreigners is an insurance policy covering military risks. You can apply for this type of insurance here. Read more about the benefits of such a policy here.

Requirements for foreign documents for driving in Ukraine

Foreigners who temporarily reside in Ukraine (including those who have a temporary residence permit) must have the following documents to drive a car:

- A driver's license of a foreign country with personal data in Latin alphabet (in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, 1968);

- International driving license with personal data in Latin letters.

It should be noted that the driver's license of foreigners who have received a permanent residence permit in Ukraine is canceled in 60 days (from the date of receipt of the permit). To exchange a driver's license, you will need to pass a medical examination and pass two exams (theoretical and practical). Read more about how a foreigner can obtain a Ukrainian driver's license here.

Speed limits in Ukraine: current restrictions

- 50 km/h within settlements;

- 90 km/h on roads without populated areas;

- 130 km/h on highways.

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An accident involving a foreigner in Ukraine: what to do if you are involved in an accident

1. Do not move the car. It must remain in the same position until the arrival of police officers, but only if the car does not create additional emergency situations. In addition, if your car has not been significantly damaged and one of the parties to the accident needs emergency assistance, you can use the car to take the victim to the hospital.

2. Turn on the hazard warning lights and place an emergency stop sign (or other signals to alert other drivers of an obstacle on the road) at least 20 meters from the car (within urban areas) and at least 40 meters away (on country roads).

3. Call the police at the scene of the accident and, if necessary, an ambulance.

Ukrainian road etiquette: what do the signals given by other drivers mean?

- Signaling with hazard lights while the vehicle is moving means "thank you" or "excuse me" depending on the context of the situation. For example, if you let someone pass you on the road, you will most likely be thanked with a hazard light.

- short headlight signals (flashing) from a passing car - you are asked to give way.

- signals (flashing) from the headlights of the oncoming car warn of danger ahead. However, please note that in the dark, this may mean that you have not switched your high beams and may have blinded another driver on the road, so make sure you have your low beams on.

- A left turn signal (in some cases with brake lights) from a truck in front of you warns you that you are not allowed to overtake because there are cars in the opposite lane. Conversely, a right turn signal (in some cases with brake lights) means that the oncoming lane is clear and you can overtake.

We hope our recommendations will help you while driving in Ukraine. We wish you safe travels and courteous road users!

We remind you! Traveling, and even more so moving to Ukraine, is primarily associated with a lot of questions. We told you all about the rules, documents, prohibitions and restrictions, as well as tourism and life in Ukraine for foreigners in our previous article.

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