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11 Aug. 2023


Traveling to Ukraine 2023: what foreigners should take with them

Tourists in Ukraine


Traveling to Ukraine 2023: what foreigners should take with them

The picturesque landscapes of Ukraine continue to attract foreign tourists despite the realities of war. Find out more about what foreign citizens must take on a plane/train/car

Buy insurance for safe entry and stay in Ukraine
Buy insurance for safe entry and stay in Ukraine

The enchanting scenic landscapes, ancient historical monuments, multifaceted culture and hospitality of Ukrainian people attract tourists even in difficult times of war. In order to make your trip unforgettable and comfortable, it is important to prepare in advance the necessary arsenal of things and documents that will ensure a smooth course of your trip to Ukraine.

We will tell you what documents you need to travel and what you should take with you on the train or plane.

What documents are required for traveling to Ukraine?

Foreign nationals can enter Ukraine on the basis of a 90-day legal stay, visa or permit (temporary or permanent residence permit).

List of documents required for entry:

- A foreign passport or identity card valid for the entire period of stay in Ukraine. The official authorities of Ukraine have not made a decision to ban entry.

- Entry visa. You can check whether you need a visa to enter Ukraine on the website. To do this, choose your citizenship.

- Confirmation of the purpose of stay - documents confirming family relations with Ukrainians, notarized invitations from Ukrainians, invitations to work, study, etc.

- Sufficient financial guarantees for the entire period of the planned stay and return to the country of origin.

After crossing the border, foreign nationals must comply with the migration legislation and apply to the state authorities in advance and, if necessary, submit documents for extending their stay or for obtaining residence permits.

When boarding a train or airplane, you must provide:

- a ticket;

- the original of the identity document

- birth certificate of the child (passport, travel document if there are children);

- documents related to the purpose of the trip.

Baggage and hand luggage on the plane: restrictions

The airplane has restrictions on the weight of your baggage. The allowed weight of baggage on the plane is 20-23 kg per person (according to the ticket). Hand luggage on the plane should not exceed 5 kg per person.

Items that can be taken as hand luggage:

- Passports, documents and money;

- Food (dry food, as water is prohibited on board: sandwiches, fruits, meat, salads, nuts, chips, cookies, etc. Exception: liquid food for babies);

- gadgets (cell phones, laptops, tablets);

- medicines (tablets, drops, bandages, hydrogen peroxide solution (liquid medicines in a volume not exceeding 100 ml). You can also take life-saving medicines on board (however, a doctor's certificate is required);

- cosmetics and hygiene products (such products can be carried on board with one exception: liquid or jelly-like products in bottles or jars with a volume of more than 100 ml are strictly prohibited in hand luggage. They can only be transported in a luggage bag);

- Duty Free goods;

- other liquids, cosmetics, medicines with a volume of more than 100 ml, weapons, knives, scissors, etc. must be placed in your luggage.

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What should I take on the train?

When you are going on a trip, make a list of things you need to take with you on the train and check it carefully. Think about how important each item is and whether it will be useful during the trip.

The most necessary things on the train:

- Documents (Passport, tickets, child's birth certificate, medical certificate and insurance policy, power of attorney for the child (if necessary), documents about the purpose of the trip)

- clothes and shoes;

- hygiene products (comb, toothpaste, brush, soap, wet and dry wipes, hand sanitizer);

- drinks and food. It is important to bring non-perishable food. For example, fruits, vegetables, dry biscuits, dried fruits and nuts, dried foods;

- dishes and cutlery. Since the guides do not always have enough cups for tea, you can always prepare drinks (soup, porridge) if you have your own cup. Disposable plates, spoons and forks will come in handy for eating, and knives for cutting food;

- medicines. Always take with you on the train the medicines that you take every day or that you need from your home medicine cabinet;

- children's accessories. From clothes and hygiene items to toys;

- equipment (mobile phone for communication, tablet for entertainment or work, laptop, e-book, charger and external battery (power bank) in case of absence of an outlet).

Take care of safety during your stay in Ukraine

Choose reliable companies to make your travel experience pleasant and positive. You can easily select and book plane, bus, or train tickets within Ukraine and between cities in Europe and the world from reliable carriers here

When planning a trip to Ukraine, also take care of your own safety and protect yourself from unforeseen expenses. In order to feel as calm as possible and not to worry about unforeseen expenses under martial law, you need to take care of purchasing proper insurance covering military risks.

In particular, there are three policy options available, including:

● compensation for losses in case of accidents caused by military operations or terrorist acts

● outpatient treatment and hospitalization

● Emergency care.

Read more about the benefits of military risk insurance in Ukraine here.

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