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Where to relax at the weekend: the best tours of Odesa for friends and family



Where to relax at the weekend: the best tours of Odesa for friends and family

Whether you're planning an active weekend with friends or a relaxing trip with your family, Odesa offers the best tourist options to make your weekend unforgettable. Find out about the best city tours that will give you an unforgettable experience

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

Vacations are always associated with relaxation. However, we often face the question: "Where to go for a walk?". Visit Ukraine has made a top selection of places where you can definitely spend an unforgettable weekend.

To grab the last opportunity to relax by the sea, a trip to Odesa is the best option.  Situated on the Black Sea coast, this majestic location attracts travelers from all over the world with its unparalleled beauty and cultural diversity.

Opening its arms to guests from all over the world, Odesa always impresses with its unique atmosphere, diverse cultural heritage and, of course, delicious variety of dishes.

An individual gastronomic tour to Odesa is not only an opportunity to taste the best dishes of the city, but also to immerse yourself in its cultural and historical heritage through tastes and aromas.

On this tour, you will be able to taste local gastronomy with a tasting of local wine and cheeses, and then go to the heart of Odesa and try scallops, mussels with a glass of sparkling wine. And in the third place, you will learn what Odesa food is today, how the names were born, who are the city's specialists, and what traditions this city keeps.

In addition to its delicious cuisine, Odesa is rich in incredibly beautiful cultural sights. The city's streets bear the imprint of centuries of history, and architectural monuments tell about the influence of different cultures and eras on the face of the city.

During the sightseeing tour, you will not miss a single stone that was walked by Pushkin and Gogol, Babel and Kataev, Kotovsky and Zhukov, Fidel Castro and Mark Twain. Traveling along Primorsky Boulevard and the "Mother-in-law" bridge, you will truly feel the flavor of the city and have a great time.

During the tour, you will also visit the grand staircase leading to the very heart of Odesa - the Potemkin Stairs, and walk along Deribasovskiy Passage, a location that impresses with its luxury and scale of decoration.

The history of Odesa is full of enchanting twists and turns in the lives of different people, different nations, and different religious denominations. So, take an unforgettable journey into the past and look at art through the eyes of a local guide. On the Once Upon a Time Jews tour, you will learn not only about the true spirit of the city, its flavor and hospitality, but also about the interesting history of the Odesa musical family of Chernetsky, who became real legends in the world of music.  

Among the architectural gems of the city you will find the creations of famous Odesa architects such as A.B. Minkus and S.A. Landesman. On this tour, everything will be just like in life: tragedies and comedies are side by side! 

If you like the musical heritage of Odesa, the city's Opera House will impress you. A guided tour of the Opera House will take you behind the scenes and open the way to a magnificent universe of music, drama and art, where every detail is carefully considered and leads you to your own personal experience.

You will learn about the theater's acoustics, stage features, and organ. You will visit the small museum of the theater, the amazingly beautiful foyer, stage, chandelier, fireplaces, and see, among other things, the costumes of the artists. Enjoy getting to know the opera house, learn its history, and be amazed by the aristocratic beauty of the interiors!

Opera House

And for those who want not only to admire the beautiful locations, but also to learn about the dark sides of the city, which are so deeply intertwined with its colorful routine, you can choose a tour of criminal Odesa.

Filled with crimes, intrigues, and mysterious stories, Odesa's criminal past is revealed through the prism of mysterious streets, old buildings, and the lives of colorful characters.

Hear interesting stories about Mykhailo Vinnytskyi, his "raspberries", the intersection where the most famous thieves' school was located, and many more. Walking through "criminal Odesa" you will hear about Sonia Zolotaya Ruchka, Hryhoriy Kotovskyi, Ataman Grigoriev, the old Odesa prison, and the catacombs with their secrets.

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By the way, there is a separate tour for fans of the legends of underground labyrinths, secret passages and wells. An individual tour of the Odesa catacombs provides an unrivaled opportunity to open your eyes and feel the history of this extraordinary place.

These labyrinths under the city have a long history full of legends and mysteries. Every wall, every corridor, and every cave bears traces of the past, where history, mystery, and the spirit of the past intertwine.

Odesa catacombs

If you are a fan of humor, adventure and unforgettable impressions, then the individual tour "In the Footsteps of Ostap Bender" is created just for you!

This unique tour offers you to walk along the streets of Odesa in the footsteps of Ostap Bender, to find out who served as the prototype of the hero, where the famous jokes and puns came from in the novel, and finally, how two geniuses - Ilf and Petrov - created the ingenious and likable image of the Great Combinator.

For those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can visit the Black Sea coast not far from the city, just look at the attractions that await you:

● Excursion to the Oyster Farm

On the way to the oyster farm, you will listen to the guide's story about the history of this area and the unique people who lived here in the past and are still living here today. In addition to the tasting, the Oysters of Scythia farm will give you an introductory tour with interesting stories  about how oysters grow, what they look like, and how they are useful. Here you can swim, sunbathe, or ride a catamaran.

● Tour of the Shabo Wine Culture Center 

This tour will allow you to stroll through the ancient royal palace and see a fascinating story about the settlement of Shabo and its founder, Louis Tardan, a Swiss winemaker, in the cinema.

You can enjoy a tasting of Shabo products in the incredible crystal hall located on the "minus five" level underground among the barrels. So take your cameras and enjoy the beautiful scenery and wine.


Odesa, the pearl of the South Coast and one of the most important cultural centers of Ukraine, is a delight for its beauty and culture.  Every corner of this picturesque city is intertwined with history, architectural beauty, and an extraordinary spirit. Whether you want to see the spectacular scenery of the sea, taste the unique cuisine, hear interesting stories and legends of the city, or taste oysters with wine, you can choose a tour to your liking.

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