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25 Aug. 2023


How to get to Ukraine from Belgium: convenient routes and border crossing rules

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How to get to Ukraine from Belgium: convenient routes and border crossing rules

The absence of air travel reduces the number of ways to get to Ukraine. However, the country's land borders are open, so there are a number of ways to get to Ukraine comfortably and quickly. Find out more about how to get to Ukraine from Belgium, convenient routes and border crossing rules

Buy insurance for safe entry and stay in Ukraine
Buy insurance for safe entry and stay in Ukraine

For the second year now, news about events in Ukraine has not left the front pages of major foreign publications. Most countries support Ukraine in its struggle against the occupier, and the strength and heroism of the Ukrainian people inspire respect among many foreigners. Therefore, even in spite of military actions, many travelers go to Ukraine, explore the beauty of its nature and rich culture, or join the ranks of volunteers. Belgian citizens are no exception.

Despite the state of war, the Ukrainian border works normally. The only fact that significantly complicates travel to Ukraine is the closed airspace.

How to get to Ukraine from Belgium? We have prepared the most convenient routes and many useful tips for you.

Travel route from Belgium to Ukraine

Usually, most travelers choose to travel by air because it is fast and convenient. It is impossible to fly to Ukraine by plane, but you can stop at one of the European airports located near the Ukrainian border, and then continue your journey by train or bus.

Ukraine borders the following European countries - Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. How to fly to them from Belgium?

Flight to the Ukrainian border

● Belgium – Poland

The Ryanair airline operates a direct flight from Brussels to Warsaw. The price of the ticket starts from 35 euros. Departure from Brussels airport at 18:05. Travel time - 2 hours.

Low-cost carrier WizzAir also operates a direct flight on the above-mentioned route. Ticket price - from 40 euros, departure from Belgium at 09:10.

You can fly to Krakow from Charleroi Airport. Departure at 09:05, arrival at 11:05. Ticket price from 40 euros.

It is also quite convenient to get to Rzeszów, but such a route is only possible with a transfer: Brussels – Warsaw – Rzeszów. Travel time from 3 hours 30 minutes. Departure from Belgium at 07:50. Ticket price from 250 euros.

● Belgium – Moldova

The price of a ticket for a plane flying from Brussels airport to Chisinau is about 200 euros. Travel time from 2 hours 40 minutes, departure from Belgium at 15:40, arrival in Moldova at 19:10. The second flight leaves at 10:10.

You can also fly to Moldova on one of the European low-cost airlines, it will be a little cheaper, from 120 euros. However, the route will include a transfer in one of the airports in Europe (usually Bucharest), travel time from 5 hours.

● Belgium – Slovakia

Low-cost airline Ryanair operates a direct flight on the Brussels-Bratislava route. Departure at 08:45, arrival in Bratislava at 10:35, travel time 1 hour 50 minutes. The price of the ticket starts from 30 euros.

● Belgium – Hungary

Budapest can also be reached by direct flight from Brussels. The Ryanair flight on this route departs from the Belgian airport at 11:55 a.m. and arrives in Budapest at 1:55 p.m. Ticket price from 30 euros.

● Belgium – Romania

Belgium and Romania are connected by many direct flights: Brussels - Iasi (departure at 06:20, ticket price from 20 euros), Brussels - Cluj-Napoca (departure at 06:45, ticket price from 20 euros), Brussels - Craiova (departure at 08:35, ticket price from 30 euros), Brussels - Timisoara (departure at 13:40, ticket price from 40 euros), Brussels - Bucharest (departure at 08:50, ticket price from 30 euros). Estimated travel time is 2 hours 30 minutes.

After arriving in one of the European cities, the journey to Ukraine can be continued by train or bus.

Railway connection Europe - Ukraine

Most of the tourists prefer the railway because of its speed and comfort. Ukraine is connected to European cities by the following trains:

● Poland - from Warsaw you can reach Kyiv, from Przemyśl - to Kyiv, Odesa and Zaporizhzhia, from Chelm - to Kyiv and Kharkiv.

● Hungary - there is a direct train from Budapest to Kyiv.

● Austria - a direct train goes from Vienna to Kyiv.

● Moldova - a direct train goes from Chisinau to Kyiv.

● Slovakia - from Kosice you can reach Chopa and Mukachevo.

See the link for a detailed schedule of trains running between Ukraine and European countries.

You can also plan your trip from Belgium to Ukraine exclusively by rail. The route will consist of several parts and you will need several tickets.

Brussels (Belgium) – Berlin (Germany) – Warsaw (Poland) – Kyiv (Ukraine)

1. Travel from Brussels to Berlin by ICE high-speed train. Travel time is 6:50 hours. The price of the ticket starts from 29 EUR.

2. Will continue his journey by train from Berlin to Warsaw. Buy a "Sparpreis Europa" ticket on the German railways Deutsche Bahn. The price of the ticket starts from 29 EUR. Travel time is about 6:30 hours. There are at least four options for direct flights on the route Berlin - Warsaw-Express.

3. There is a night train called "Kyiv Express" from Warsaw to Kyiv, the travel time is 15 hours. Ticket price from 45 EUR. Departure from Warsaw at 5:46 p.m., arrival in Kyiv at 1:02 p.m.

By bus from Belgium to Ukraine

A fairly convenient and economical way to get from Belgium to Ukraine is by bus, the journey will take about 32 hours and will cost 65-150 euros. You can get from Brussels to Kyiv with a transfer in Dusseldorf. Also, the Brussels - Kamianets-Podilskyi bus route passes through Zhytomyr, Rivne, Lviv and Antwerp.

Carriers offer comfortable passenger buses for the trip. The salon is equipped with soft seats, a toilet and an automatic climate control system, a large luggage compartment, Wi-Fi, which allows you to travel comfortably.

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How to buy a ticket from Belgium to Ukraine?

To make the trip easy and positive, you should choose reliable carriers. See the schedule and book plane, train or bus tickets using the link.

From Belgium to Ukraine by own car

The distance from the capital of Belgium - Brussels to Lviv is 1,620 km, and the duration of the trip in your own car is 18 hours without stops. The journey to Kyiv will be longer by 6 hours or 550 kilometers. You need to go through Germany and Poland.

To enter Ukraine in your own car, you must have a "Green Card" insurance policy. You can read in detail about the rules of travel in Ukraine by car with foreign registration at the link.

How can a Ukrainian leave Belgium and not lose protection?

Anyone who has received the status of temporary protection and the appropriate residence permit in Belgium can travel to Ukraine without hindrance.

If you return to Ukraine on a short-term basis, you do not lose the status of temporary protection and the right to reside in Belgium. Normal absence and return policies apply. The period of absence can last up to three months. If you are planning a longer trip, you must inform the municipality where you live and your A-card must be valid after your return. Also inform the municipality of the date of return to Belgium.

In order not to lose payments, also contact the social security service. Most OCMW/CPAS apply a rule that your living wage can be suspended if you are absent for more than 28 days. In OCMW/CPAS this is not a binding rule, they can take exceptional circumstances into account. Therefore, it is important to inform your social coordinator about this.

Also, Ukrainians can travel to EU countries on the basis of visa-free rules. For this, it is necessary to have a biometric passport and to stay in the territory of the Schengen zone for no more than 90 days during a 180-day period.

How can a Belgian citizen enter Ukraine?

Citizens of Belgium have the right to enter Ukraine without a visa, if the planned stay is less than 90 days, and the purpose of the trip is tourism, visiting relatives or other short-term trips. It is prohibited to work and study without a visa.

List of documents for visa-free entry to Ukraine:

● A foreign passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the date of entry into Ukraine.

● A document that will confirm the purpose of the trip to Ukraine - a tourist voucher, tickets to seminars, exhibitions, fairs, invitations from companies and organizations.

● Confirmation of residence – hotel reservations, apartment rental contracts, etc.

● Health insurance policy.

● Confirmation of sufficient funds for stay in Ukraine ($45 per person for each day of stay in Ukraine).

When crossing the border, you no longer need to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 and wear a protective mask. As of July 1, all Covid-19 restrictions and quarantine measures have been canceled in Ukraine.

Travel to Ukraine: top 8 useful tips

1. You should start planning a trip to Ukraine by looking for an interesting tour. The largest database of safe tours in Ukraine by link.

2. In order for the trip to be unforgettable and comfortable, it is important to prepare in advance the necessary arsenal of things that will ensure a trouble-free course of your trip to Ukraine. Find out what to take with you on a train or plane here.

3. Protect yourself from the most common mistakes tourists make when planning a trip.

4. When traveling through Ukraine under martial law, safety rules must be strictly observed. Useful information for entering Ukraine during the war at the link.

5. Also, be sure to take care of additional risks. Military risk insurance can cover losses in the event of an accident due to hostilities or acts of terrorism, outpatient treatment, hospitalization and emergency care. Read more about the benefits of the policy here.

6. Rent a car in Ukraine to feel more mobile. Read how to do it here.

7. Book a safe hotel. Ukraine has a very wide base of accommodation facilities. During vacation, a tourist can stay in a hotel with different stars, a hostel, rent an apartment or rest in a guest house.

8. It is important to remember that in the conditions of martial law, certain rights of citizens may be limited, therefore, in some cases, foreigners may need the help of lawyers. Tourists from Belgium who are in Ukraine can seek advice from a highly qualified lawyer on various issues: support of a lawyer in Ukraine, advice on legal aspects of entering Ukraine, help with document preparation, etc.

We wish you a good trip to Ukraine!

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