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01 Apr. 2022


Harvard, Yale, Stanford join efforts to help Ukrainian students



Harvard, Yale, Stanford join efforts to help Ukrainian students

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

The Ukrainian government, educational institutions and public organizations have joined forces to create the Ukrainian Global University (UGU). It is a global network of the world's best educational institutions. The goal of UGU is to provide access for Ukrainian students, scholarship holders, scientists and teachers to educational institutions around the world to gain knowledge about the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. Stanford, Harvard, Yale University and dozens of other leading universities in the world have already supported the initiative.

If Ukrainian students or scholars want to become members of UGU, they can take advantage of the simplified application process on the UGU website. They will then have to go through the full or simplified application process at any educational institution listed on the platform.

UGU is also working with DuoLingo, an online language learning program, to allow Ukrainians to take free English language tests and receive certificates wherever they are. It is a prerequisite for all students to return to Ukraine after graduation or research to help rebuild the country after the war.

Path to a successful acceptance at an UGU partner institution:

1) Complete the UGU application form in English;

2) If selected, receive a Duolingo test voucher;

3) Submit your Duolingo test results back to UGU;

4) If selected, receive an invitation to an interview;

5) If selected, receive a formal UGU endorsement;

6) Receive free coaching support on how to apply;

7) Submit applications to UGU partner institutions;

8) If selected, receive full scholarship support;

9) Participate in UGU pre-departure orientation;

10) Become part of the UGU global alumni network.

Admission at UGU doesn't automatically guarantee admission but does significantly increase the chances of being admitted and receiving scholarship support. Formal UGU endorsement combined with hands-on application coaching and guidance will maximize your admission chances.