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When will the war in Ukraine end: new scenarios from the West

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When will the war in Ukraine end: new scenarios from the West

In recent months, internal tension and fear among Ukrainians have been growing as prolonged hostilities have drained the psyche of people. Find out when the war will end, according to experts, and what other opinions about the end of hostilities prevail online

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Lack of confidence in the future, constant stress and fear make Ukrainians sometimes despair, as it seems that the war will never end. This state is quite normal for an exhausted psyche, but the main question "when will the war in Ukraine end" is worrying more and more people every day. 

And if at the beginning of the full-scale invasion in 2022, Ukrainians believed in the "two weeks of Arestovich", because it helped them to keep their common sense and continue to perform at least basic household activities. After more than two years of a major war, Ukrainians are not so optimistic. 

So, what do experts say about the end of hostilities and what other opinions are floating around the Internet - we will tell you further in the article.

Is Europe preparing for war? We have collected several signs that point to this.

The war could end as early as 2024

According to the German newspaper Welt, the russian-Ukrainian war may end this year, but not in the way Ukrainians dreamed of - the kremlin may freeze the "conflict", while russian occupiers remain on the territories, and the supply of Western weapons and negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the EU and NATO will stop.

Thus, the publication notes that several factors indicate a possible freezing of the war in Ukraine.

In particular, the fact that neither side has a significant advantage on the battlefield, while the war leads to the depletion of both military and material resources. Given this, a "peace" agreement is unlikely.

At the same time, if Ukraine loses in the "frozen conflict" scenario, it will be able to avoid a cardinal defeat.

"Now the question arises: will this conflict last for years? Most likely not. On the contrary, there are many reasons to believe that it will be frozen this year," the article says.

They believe that Ukraine is unlikely to return the occupied territories this year. It is quite possible that Kyiv will have to focus on holding the current frontline. However, it is too early to draw any conclusions, and it is likely that Ukraine will face new attacks from russia this year, which could lead to significant territorial losses.

And all these factors essentially rest on one open question: when will the West provide significant assistance to Ukraine? Because the outcome of the war depends on this. According to analysts, if this does not happen in the near future, Ukraine may lose territory this summer.

However, it has become known that in May russia is preparing a three-layer plan to destabilize Ukrainewhat is its essence?

The war will not end in 2024

Unlike German "analysts", the American press believes that the war may continue for a long time.

The Wall Street Journal, for example, believes that putin is likely to want to end the war in 2025, as the West will not allow him to win in Ukraine. This opinion is based on the fact that Western countries have already invested billions of dollars in Kyiv, and it would be foolish to let russia win.

Other reputable American media outlets believe that the third year of the war in Ukraine could be the most decisive, as "both Ukraine and russia will face serious challenges". Among these challenges, the most decisive will be the West's assistance to Ukraine, which will depend on the position of the Republicans and the outcome of the US presidential election, the introduction of mobilisation in russia to replenish the army with new resources, and the beginning of an economic downturn in russia.

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When might putin try to stop the war?

The opposition russian media outlet Meduza, citing sources in the kremlin, reported that "political elites" in russia do not rule out that dictator vladimir putin will try to capture Kharkiv and gradually end the so-called "special military operation".

At the same time, the sources have different assessments of the russian ruler's ultimate goal. 

For example, one of the interlocutors close to the kremlin believes that after the Ukrainian Armed Forces counteroffensive, putin "felt Ukraine's weakness and is ready to go all the way to victory - even to Kyiv - and he will not stand for the price." "If there is a need for mobilisation, he will announce it. If he needs to put the economy on a military track even more, he will."

Another interlocutor close to the putin administration, on the other hand, believes that russia's top leadership has "more realistic goals", namely the capture of Kharkiv and the gradual end of hostilities.

As you know, putin tried to capture Kyiv and Kharkiv at the beginning of the great war, but his army's attempts were doomed. Today, it is unclear how the dictator is going to implement these plans, as the Ukrainian defence is already looking much better than it did two years ago.

Is putin preparing a new offensive against Kyiv?

What does Budanov say about the end of the war?

Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate, is usually quite laconic in his predictions and comments, but his timing of victory has usually been quite encouraging. However, in one of his interviews with Ukrainska Pravda, he was not as confident about the timing of the war's end as he usually is. 

Whereas earlier Kyrylo Budanov had given tentative dates, in October 2023 he merely stressed that Ukraine had fallen behind the schedule, "we are not lagging behind, we have broken through. These are completely different terms". At the same time, he noted that this did not mean that everything had gone "wrong", and everyone should draw their own conclusions.

Already in an op-ed for NV in early 2024, Budanov stated that a full-scale war would end in Ukraine's victory and russia's defeat. However, he stressed that Ukraine should actively destroy the technical, production and financial potential of the aggressor in its rear. "Oil depots, factories, weapons production cycles, and the destruction of strategic facilities in russia's rear are legitimate targets for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

And in our opinion, "when the war in Ukraine will end" depends on each of us, and therefore everyone should make every effort and do everything in their power to help the titans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine defeat the russian evil on Ukrainian soil.

To do this, the habit of "a cup of coffee for the Armed Forces of Ukraine" will be useful, because every small amount you donate to the collection can help the Ukrainian army purchase the necessary equipment or repair a vehicle. You can make a contribution to the victory on the Visit Ukraine website in the Donate section. 

Together to Victory!

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