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When will the war in Ukraine end?

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When will the war in Ukraine end?

In recent months, internal tension and fear among Ukrainians have been growing as prolonged hostilities have drained the psyche of people. Find out when the war will end, according to experts, and what other opinions about the end of hostilities prevail online

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Lack of confidence in the future, constant stress and fear make Ukrainians sometimes despair, as it seems that the war will never end. This state is quite normal for an exhausted psyche, but the main question "when will the war in Ukraine end" is worrying more and more people every day. 

And if at the beginning of the full-scale invasion in 2022, Ukrainians believed in the "two weeks of Arestovych" because it helped them to keep their sanity and continue to perform at least basic household activities. Now, after more than a year and a half of a great war, Ukrainians no longer believe in victory even next year.

So, what do experts say about the end of hostilities and what other opinions are floating around the Internet?

How and when does Oleg Zhdanov think the war will end?

Oleh Zhdanov is a former Ukrainian military officer, and today he is a video blogger, journalist, military analyst and expert. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he has been actively commenting on the current situation at the front and the prospects he sees for the advance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. So what does he say about the likely end of the war and the possibility of ending hostilities today?

Answering a question from his listener for Channel 24, Zhdanov noted that in order to fully understand the picture, it is worth considering that more than 50 countries, led by the United States, have stood up for Ukraine, and therefore we cannot talk about either defeat or freezing the conflict, which would be considered a victory for putin, because in this case, the West would be the first to lose. 

"Of course, we will suffer territorial losses and partial loss of sovereignty, but the most important thing is that the West will lose. And to whom? To putin! They will never do that. They are prolonging the conflict, yes, it is visible to the naked eye, especially the United States. ... But they cannot lose to putin, they cannot," he adds.

At the same time, Zhdanov notes that the peak of US military support should be in the spring of 2024. Joe Biden is likely to use Ukraine's victory in his political campaign. 

"Imagine coming in and starting an election campaign by declaring victory over evil in Europe," he says.

Thus, according to the military analyst, we should expect a breakthrough in the spring, and victory in 2024, before the US elections.

What does Budanov say about the end of the war?

Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine's Defence Intelligence Service, is usually quite laconic in his predictions and comments, but his timing of victory has usually been quite encouraging. However, in one of his recent interviews with Ukrayinska Pravda, he was not as confident about the timing of the war's end as he usually is. 

If earlier Kyrylo Budanov used to give conditional dates, now he only emphasized that Ukraine has fallen behind the schedule - "we are not lagging behind, but have broken through. These are completely different concepts." At the same time, he noted that this does not mean that everything went "wrong," and everyone should draw their own conclusions.

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Zaluzhnyi on the victory and Ukraine's priorities

In an interview with journalist Dmytro Komarov on May 12, 2023, Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that Ukraine still has a long way to go before the war with russia ends. At the same time, in his latest interview with the Economist, Zaluzhny said that in order to win, Ukraine should focus on five priorities:

- dominance in the sky

- electronic warfare;

- counter-battery warfare;

- mine warfare;

- human reserves.

And the main task of Ukraine, according to Mr. Zaluzhnyi, is to prevent the war from turning into a positional war, which would be beneficial to russia but could be a disaster for Ukraine. It is the maneuver war that will bring Ukraine victory, but the Commander-in-Chief did not name any timeframe or dates for the end of hostilities.

He also noted that the situation on the battlefield now reminds him of the First World War.

"Just like during the First World War, we have reached a level of technology that puts us in a dead end. Most likely, there will be no deep and beautiful breakthrough," Zaluzhnyi says, adding that a large-scale technological leap is needed to break this deadlock.

What does Arestovych say about the victory and peace talks?

Oleksiy Arestovych, a former advisor to the office of the President of Ukraine, has recently been surprising Ukrainians with his eccentric statements, from time to time calling for changes in the government, or for negotiations with russia, or stating that it has become either more difficult or impossible to win the war militarily.

Despite the fact that a significant number of Ukrainians have stopped believing Arestovych's words, he continues to give interviews and push his interpretations of the current state of affairs and Ukraine's future victory to the masses.

Thus, the latest position that Arestovych has decided to focus on is that now is the right time for a diplomatic settlement of the conflict, namely peace talks with the aggressor country. 

At the same time, answering Dmitry Gordon's question about "when the war will end," Arestovych replies:

"Given that it hangs on the will of two people, even one - putin, it can end within a day. he just decides to stop it, that's all. And now the question is, what is the probability that he will stop it - very small, very small," and adds that putin will pull through until the US elections in 2024.

Cards, magic, and stars in the sky: astrologers and fortune tellers on ending the war in Ukraine

Sometimes despair and a sense of hopelessness can lead to alternative "sources of information". Can we call this right or, on the contrary, condemn it? It is unlikely, so why not find out what not only military and political, but also other "experts" say about Ukraine's victory?

Thus, according to one of the representatives who knows about cards, stars and other alternative "sources of information," the end of the war should be expected in three stages, including the end of active hostilities, negotiations and the signing of a document that will mean the end of the war.

But at the same time, tarot cards say that the war in Ukraine may end "very suddenly" due to events in russia. And it will not be possible to drag out the war, no matter how profitable it is for someone. Therefore, according to the experts, Ukraine's victory will come at the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.

There may be as many opinions about when the war in Ukraine will end as there are people on planet Earth, but we recommend that instead of looking for an answer to the question "when" you ask yourself "what can I do to ensure that victory comes as soon as possible." 

And in our opinion, "when the war in Ukraine will end" depends on each of us, and therefore everyone should make every effort and do everything in their power to help the titans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine defeat the russian evil on Ukrainian soil.

To do this, the habit of "a cup of coffee for the Armed Forces of Ukraine" will be useful, because every small amount you donate to the collection can help the Ukrainian army purchase the necessary equipment or repair a vehicle. You can make a contribution to the victory on the Visit Ukraine website in the Donate section. 

Together to Victory!

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