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21 Jan. 2024


2024 is a year of change: what countries' election results could affect Ukraine besides the US?

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2024 is a year of change: what countries' election results could affect Ukraine besides the US?

The US election is not the only event that could have a significant impact on the situation in Ukraine, as a record number of voters in more than 70 countries will cast their ballots this year. Find out which countries' election results could have an impact on support for Kyiv

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2024 will be an election year, as for the first time in the history of the world, so many voters in more than 70 countries will be voting. At the same time, the results of elections in a number of countries, as well as in the European Parliament, will have a direct impact on the level of financial and military assistance to Ukraine amid the russian invasion.

The article below, with reference to the BBC, describes five votes, in addition to the US election, that could call into question support for Kyiv.

Taiwan's elections and the war with China

On the eve of the Taiwanese elections, analysts around the world were actively discussing the consequences of the vote and a possible armed conflict with China if a pro-Western candidate wins. For example, the parliamentary elections were called fateful, as the US military, which has repeatedly emphasized that it would support Taiwan's aspirations for independence, could intervene in a possible conflict.


And according to the vote count, the pro-Western candidate from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Lai Tsing-jeou, who seeks independence for Taiwan, won the parliamentary elections in Taiwan. The opposition, which is acceptable to China and seeks reunification with Beijing, lost. It remains to be seen whether China will use force or "blockade and quarantine" to reunify, but any escalation in the region will divert attention from events in Ukraine and thus from the level of support for Kyiv.

Elections in the European Parliament

The current threat to the European Parliament elections is that the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, will run for office, which means he will leave his current post before his term expires. This means that until a new president is elected, the Council may be temporarily headed by the leader of the country that holds the EU presidency in the second half of 2024, namely Viktor Orban. Read more about how Orban is obstructing Ukraine in every possible way here.

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Elections in Georgia

This year's parliamentary and presidential elections in Georgia will be held according to a fundamentally new procedure for the country. Thus, for the first time, the parliament will be elected by the people under a proportional system with a 5% threshold. The president will be elected by the newly elected parliamentary representatives and delegates from the regions.

The main confrontation is expected to be between the Georgian Dream party, which has ruled since 2012, and the Victory Strategy coalition, which includes the United National Movement party (sympathizers of former President Mikheil Saakashvili, who was arrested in October 2021).

Although the ruling party supports European integration, it still "plays into russia's hands" by introducing new laws and resuming air travel with russia.

 Thus, in recent years, Georgia has seriously changed its course, turning away from the West. Therefore, this year's elections should finally determine the country's vector of movement: towards the kremlin or European integration.

Elections in Austria

The parliamentary elections in Austria could be a serious blow to Ukraine, as the far-right Austrian Freedom Party, which has a strong anti-Ukrainian stance and has repeatedly called for the veto of Ukraine's accession to the EU and called for a referendum on sanctions against russia, could win first place. And the risk is really high, as analysts predict that the party will receive 30% of the vote.

Elections in Moldova

The main opponent of the current president, Maia Sandu, who, after the invasion of Ukraine, actively worked to destroy "everything russian" in the country, may be the pro-russian former president of Moldova, Igor Dodon. Therefore, the country's vector of movement towards Ukraine and russia will also be decided this year, and it will be known in the spring whether Moldova will become "friendly with moscow."

2024 may be a difficult year for Ukraine, but we are confident that the country's indomitable spirit, unity and daily struggle will bring positive results. If you want to support Ukrainians and join the common Victory, you can do it together with Visit Ukraine. Order merchandise on our website and become an ambassador of Ukraine in the world, and we will transfer part of the proceeds from your purchase to support those affected by the war.

We remind you! Futurologists, political scientists and forecasters have found out what unexpected but quite possible events could lead to a global upheaval and chaos. Read our previous article to find out what could be a shock and provoke a real apocalypse in the world this year.

Photo: UNIAN

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