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10 Feb. 2024


How is Valentine's Day celebrated around the world?



How is Valentine's Day celebrated around the world?

Every year, on February 14, almost every country in the world celebrates Valentine's Day. Find out how the celebration differs in different parts of the world and what special traditions different nations have

Find gifts for Valentine's Day here
Find gifts for Valentine's Day here

Valentine's Day is traditionally celebrated on February 14 in almost every country in the world. This holiday has been celebrated for centuries and has a very long and romantic history. However, despite the fact that this holiday originated in Catholic countries, many countries have their own special traditions that are observed on Valentine's Day.

We will tell you about the most interesting traditions of celebrating February 14 around the world in the article below.

How did the Valentine's Day come about?

One of the most popular legends says that in 269, the Roman emperor

Claudius I was planning to conquer the world, but he was hampered by a shortage of soldiers in his army. In his opinion, the main problem was family life, which allegedly distracted soldiers from service and prevented them from heroism for the glory of the empire. Therefore, Claudius I issued a decree according to which soldiers were forbidden to marry during their service. However, a young priest named Valentine decided to help the soldiers despite the ban and continued to marry them. 

This story has a tragic ending, as the emperor learned of the priest's treachery and ordered his execution. While awaiting his sentence, Valentine fell in love with the blind daughter of a jailer and was able to heal her. And just before the execution, he sent his beloved a farewell letter, signing it "From your Valentine."

How do European countries celebrate Valentine's Day?


In Poland, it is customary to visit the Poznan Metropolis on February 14. It is believed that the relics of St. Valentine are buried there and his miraculous icon is kept there. Poles believe that this pilgrimage will help them in their love affairs.

Great Britain

In the UK, people congratulate not only their loved ones, but also their favorite pets - dogs and horses. And the most popular gifts for February 14 are sweets in the form of hearts, soft toys, especially Teddy bears, and, of course, the ever-present valentine cards.


In Denmark, Valentine's Day is celebrated with festivities and fun. Usually, big concerts, events and noisy parties are organized here. Gifts are given to everyone: family, colleagues, and friends. Congratulations on the holiday are usually given with white flowers (fresh and artificial), as well as cards with humorous or love greetings. 

It should be noted that, for example, in France, artificial flowers are also commonly given, but only to loved ones. The French do not give gifts to friends or colleagues on this day.

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In Slovakia, there is a special place of love that is customary to visit on Valentine's Day, the so-called "bank of love". On February 14, lovers can visit a museum to capture their love forever by leaving photos, love letters, rings, or movie tickets from their first date in one of 100,000 tiny boxes.


Of all the European countries, Germany stands out the most, because it is here that St. Valentine is considered the patron saint of mentally ill people, not lovers. Thus, in Germany, it is customary to hold special services in chapels and decorate psychiatric hospitals with red ribbons.

Celebrating Valentine's Day in the world


In the United States, it is customary to congratulate everyone you love on the holiday: your partner, relatives, friends, and colleagues. Sweet gifts and cute surprises are the most common in the country. However, until the 19th century, a gift of marzipan was considered the highest expression of love, as the sugar in them was very expensive.


Japan celebrates two Valentine's Days, and February 14 is the day when only girls and women greet men. Men greet women on the so-called white day, March 14. It is also worth noting that women congratulate both loved ones and friends, relatives and colleagues. For this purpose, there are two types of chocolate in Japan: "debt chocolate" or "obligatory chocolate" for people you want to thank, and "deep affection chocolate", which is intended for a loved one.

Saudi Arabia

The first Valentine's Day in Saudi Arabia was celebrated only in 2016, because before that, any manifestations of love in public were prohibited and even punishable by law. In addition, the country banned both the celebration of the date itself and the sale of any Valentine's Day attributes. Today, however, in Saudi Arabia, you can congratulate your loved one with flowers, a greeting card, or another small gift.

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