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The best places to stay in Lviv: where to stay for tourists?

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The best places to stay in Lviv: where to stay for tourists?

The city of Lviv, located in the west of the country, needs no special introduction, as it is known to almost everyone, both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders. We are going to tell you about the most beautiful districts and locations in Lviv where tourists should stay

Choose a tour to ancient Lviv from Visit Ukraine
Choose a tour to ancient Lviv from Visit Ukraine

Lviv is a city where you can truly feel the spirit of antiquity, immerse yourself in an original and unusual atmosphere, see interesting historical sights and taste delicious coffee. Travelers go to the city of Leva not only from all over Ukraine, but also from far beyond its borders.

Where to stay in Lviv? The capital of Galicia attracts tourists throughout the year, but booking good accommodation here in the peak season will be a real challenge for travelers. Therefore, in order to stay in a place that will meet exactly your requirements, take care of finding it in advance.

Read about the best locations for living in Lviv in our material.

Old town or modern districts - what should a tourist choose?

The city of Leva is divided into the Old City and areas with modern buildings. Tourists who go to the capital of Galicia to get acquainted with its history and culture are advised to stay in the Old Town, where every building represents a historical value for the city, where it is forbidden to change the facades of buildings, install plastic balconies and hang bulky air conditioners. Here in the historical center, everything is in a natural and aesthetic form.

Active construction is underway in new districts, they are no different from districts in other cities of Ukraine.

Which districts of the Old City of Lviv should a tourist choose?

Railway station area

In the area of the railway station, renting a room in a hotel, hostel or apartment will be the cheapest in the Old Town. The main reason for the low cost is the distance from the historical center - 10-15 minutes by public transport (tram, bus, etc.).

However, the district has certain advantages:

1. Proximity to the railway station, especially for those who stop in the city on the way.

2. A large selection of well-maintained housing at affordable prices.

3. Near the market and shops.

What to see? Church of St. Elizabeth, Monument to Stepan Bandera, St. George's Arch-Cathedral, Circus.

What to do? Visit the modern HUB STATION shopping center or one of the local coffee shops.

Where to stay? Maestral Hotel Lviv.

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Area of the Opera Theater and Svobody Avenue

One of the most popular areas among tourists, although it is not the very center of Lviv, it is very close to Rynok Square and the main tourist attractions of the city of Lviv.

Advantages of living here:

1. Staying in the area of the Opera House, you will be able to experience all the beauty of the old city, because you will live in one of the historical architectural monuments of Lviv, and all the houses here are ancient and have their own special layout. Many apartments have fireplaces and antique balconies, as well as a beautiful view of the Opera House.

2. Free Wi-Fi - in most buildings along the avenue, you can catch a good signal from one of the free zones located near the Opera House.

3. On weekends, the avenue is closed, so the street becomes pedestrian.

4. Thematic fairs are held here on holidays.

5. Good transport connection with the railway station.

- What to see? Lviv National Opera, monument to Taras Shevchenko, "Ancient Lviv" Museum, Armenian Church.

What to do? taste coffee in the Venetian coffee shop, have a delicious breakfast, dinner or just a snack in one of the local establishments.

- Where to stay? Hotel Lviv, Panorama Hotel, Astoria Hotel and BANKHOTEL.

Detailed guide to Lviv at the link.

Market Square

Real connoisseurs of the charm of narrow stone streets, two-hundred-year-old old houses, architectural masterpieces and the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine stop in the Market Square area. If during your trip you want to feel the real atmosphere of the capital of Galicia, then we advise you to stay here.

Advantages of living in Rynok Square:

1. You will live among famous cultural and historical monuments in the romantic atmosphere of cathedrals, churches, and the town hall.

2. Most thematic museums and exhibitions are located here.

3. A large selection of conceptual cafes, which may take more than one day to visit.

4. The ability to walk until late at night without worrying about traffic and safety, most street cafes are open until 10:00 p.m. so as not to violate the curfew.

5. A large selection of hostels and mini hotels.

What to see? A total of 44 buildings are located on Rynok Square in Lviv, almost every one of which has the status of "Architectural Monument": Bandinelli Palace, Black Stone Museum, "Italian Courtyard", Lyubomirsky Palace, Doctor's House, Lovers' Bench, etc.

What to do? Have lunch in one of the conceptual cafes, taste local coffee in a coffee shop, visit the beer theater.

Where to stay? Masoch Hotel, Apartments Just Lviv It.

Therefore, a tourist visiting Lviv for the first time should choose accommodation in the Rynok Square area, because here you can see the main sights of the city, as well as drink coffee or dine in a chic establishment. If choosing housing you focus on its cost, then you can settle in the area of the railway station.

In general, Lviv has a very wide base of accommodation facilities. During vacation, a tourist can stay in a hotel with different stars, a hostel, rent an apartment or rest in a guest house. You can book the best hotels in the capital of Galicia using the link.

Tours to ancient Lviv from Visit Ukraine. Choose your tour on the website!

Lviv is not only a city of thousands of lions, museums and coffee, some facts about it can shock even native Lviv residents. Learn more about modern and atypical Lviv at the link. The most romantic places of the cultural capital of Ukraine are collected here.

Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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