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23 Dez. 2021


Official chatbot of the tourist portal VisitUkraine.Today



Official chatbot of the tourist portal VisitUkraine.Today

The official chatbot from the main tourist portal of the country VisitUkraine.Today is already available to everyone.

A useful service in Telegram will be useful to everyone who plans their trip to Ukraine, as well as to Ukrainians who are going to visit foreign countries.

The smart chatbot contains short answers to the most common questions regarding crossing the Ukrainian border, in particular:

• What are the rules for entering the country from any country in the world;

• What kind of documents are required for entry and what are the requirements for them;

• Is it necessary to observe self-isolation, do PCR testing;

• Do you need a health insurance policy and where to get it;

• What is Vdoma and how to use it;

• Basic rules of entry into Ukraine for foreigners - how to prove the purpose of entry, financial security, etc .;

• Rules for traveling with children.

It will also help Ukrainian citizens plan a safe trip abroad and find out up-to-date information on the requirements for entering 220 countries and territories of the world.

The service is available in three languages ​​- Ukrainian, English and Russian.

If you need further clarification, the bot will offer to contact the manager of the 24/7 hotline.

Safe travel has a name - VisitUkraine.Today!