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04 Jan. 2022


When the new visa-free rules with the EU come into force



When the new visa-free rules with the EU come into force

The decision to change the procedure for crossing the border for citizens of states eligible for visa-free entry to the EU was made back in 2016. In 2018, the European Parliament approved legislation setting the parameters for a new system called the European Travel Information and Authorization System - ETIAS.

The ETIAS system was supposed to work in early 2021, then it was delayed until early 2022. Now it became known that the planned launch date for ETIAS will take place no earlier than December 2022.

It is also noted that the site of the ETIAS system should appear already in February 2022. And in June, the Entry-Exit System, the only electronic system for registering entry and exit into the Schengen area, is to be launched, which is a prerequisite for the launch of ETIAS.

What is ETIAS and how is it different from visa-free travel?

Every tourist from Ukraine planning to enter the EU will be required to go through online authorization every three years - to fill out an ETIAS application form (without having to contact the consulate, visa center or any other intermediary).

To fill out the ETIAS-form, you will need a passport, answers to about 15 questions, as well as payment in the equivalent of 7 euros.

The purpose of the system is to automatically check whether the document of a person traveling under a visa-free regime is on the lists of wanted persons or those who are prohibited or restricted from entering the EU, and whether the person belongs to specific risk groups.

2 main differences from the visa system:

- no certificates are required for authorization (confirmation of financial security);

- the answer - permission to enter or refusal - will come by e-mail in a few minutes.