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03 Aug. 2022


Medical insurance in Ukraine and abroad: what are the benefits

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Medical insurance in Ukraine and abroad: what are the benefits

Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car
Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car
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Health insurance is a guarantee of providing medical assistance to the insured person if necessary. The insurance covers financial expenses for medical care, medicines, and other related services that are specified in the contract within a certain amount.

In many countries in Europe and the United States, health insurance is compulsory for everyone. In Ukraine, a voluntary system of medical insurance is still in operation. So what are the benefits of having such an insurance policy?

Medical insurance abroad

Having a medical insurance policy abroad is a guarantee for a tourist that he will receive the necessary assistance. In the absence of medical insurance, a person will have to organize their own treatment and pay for all medical services provided. A patient without insurance will also have to wait a long time to see a doctor, while the insured receive medical care faster.

In the event of an insured event, the insured person simply needs to notify his insurance company. The insurance company takes care of organizational and financial issues.

Insurance policies also include round-the-clock online support, which will greatly simplify your stay abroad in case of illness or injury - Ukrainian-speaking consultants will be in touch with you. And if necessary, you can get a remote consultation with a doctor in your native language.

Medical insurance in Ukraine

Basic medical care in Ukraine is still free. Having a declaration with a family doctor, the patient can count on a certain list of free medical services. But in the case of health insurance, you can count on reimbursement for the costs of treatment and medicines, so you can protect yourself from unexpected expenses.

Insurance companies cooperate with different clinics: both private and public. Consequently, the patient will have the choice of where to undergo treatment and provide himself with more comfortable conditions.

When applying for medical insurance, you can take into account some specific points for example, the need for regular reviews, etc.

Insurance policies from partners of Visit Ukraine cover insurance cases both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad and protect clients from the entire spectrum of risks, including sports activities.