Since 2018, we have been promoting and popularizing Ukrainian tourism on the domestic and foreign markets, but the war has made its own adjustments. We have been working on the information front for more than a year and a half.

Since February 24, 2022, we have provided consultations to more than 300 thousand people, and more than 14.7 million users have used the information on the portal, almost 5 million of whom are foreigners. And, of course, we did not forget to help the army by transferring more than UAH 1.3 million for the needs of the military (by purchasing the necessary ammunition, drones, thermal imagers and antiseptics), civilians (to support IDPs, equipping bomb shelters and other shelters), and we did not forget about our younger friends - animals affected by the war. In particular, we help shelters that rescue and keep them.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Visit Ukraine donated 100 thousand hryvnias to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Help for the military to repair military equipment

The Visit Ukraine team raised funds to repair military equipment for the soldiers of the 92nd Assault Brigade. Being able to move quickly between positions and perform combat missions is literally a matter of life and death for the military. So we thank everyone who contributed to the project! 

Link to the video report from our fighters.

In May, we also organized a fundraiser to repair a car for the Ukrainian Armed Forces that was damaged by shelling. 

Thanks to you, we raised 7 thousand hryvnias.

Report on the collection for medical needs of the military

Our team raised funds for medicines for Ukrainian defenders at the front.

Thanks to your contributions, we raised about 100 000 UAH for the purchase of

- antitussives and vitamins; 

- antiseptic and anti-inflammatory products

- first aid kits; 

- mechanical hemostatic devices: tourniquets and turnstiles; 

- hemostatic medicines.

In addition, the money was spent on repairing a vehicle for the military. To watch a video report from our fighters, follow the link.

We thank everyone who cares and is committed to supporting Ukrainian heroes!

Link to the detailed report.

In June, the Visit Ukraine team announced a fundraiser to support animals affected by the hostilities and the explosion at the Kakhovka Dam. Thanks to the help of those who cared, we managed to raise UAH 130,000 thousand.

The funds were transferred to several shelters that are personally involved in the rescue and evacuation of the affected furry animals and provide them with temporary homes, food and medical care. 

Report from the first open fundraiser for the military

From January 7 to 11, 2023, we held a fundraiser for the Special Forces to buy important equipment that helps the guys on the front line to prevent attacks on civilians. 245 thousand hryvnias ($6.700) in 5 days – we thank you for your concern!

Link to the detailed report.

Report on the second open collection for the military

Together with the Persha Visa company, we launched a collection for a DJI MAVIC 3T copter with a thermal imaging camera and a DJI RC Pro control panel.

With the support of all those who care, we managed to raise UAH 325,000. Thanks to everyone who joined and supported!

Help for the State Emergency Service (SES)

Visit Ukraine purchased and delivered warm blankets and flashlights to the State Emergency Service to equip the resilience centers. The total amount is over 30 thousand hryvnias.

The light that illuminates freedom

On November 18, 2022, we launched the #LibertyLight initiative to help Ukrainians survive the winter. Thanks to your donations, we managed to raise more than UAH 200 thousand ($5.445) for flashlights, warm blankets and comfortable seats for shelters.

We are grateful to everyone who contributed to help Ukrainians!

Link to report.

Helping a children's hospital

Thanks to cooperation with foreign volunteers, the Visit Ukraine team organized meetings with medical professionals at one of the children's hospitals and donated funds to the hospital in the amount of about UAH 84 thousand.

Help for children who became internally displaced abroad

Together with the Ukrainian community in Turkey, we have been sending gifts to little Ukrainians every month. The total amount of aid exceeded 200 thousand hryvnias.

Link to report.

Help for animals affected by the war

With the support of those who care, we raised UAH 130 thousand and donated it to shelters: Cats on Mars (UAH 30 thousand) and Dvor_nyashkam_dom (UAH 100 thousand), which are evacuating little tails from the frontline and flooded areas and providing them with a home, food, care and necessary treatment.

We are grateful to everyone who contributed to help our smaller friends!

Find out how you can help the animals today by following the link


We also need your support - the Visit Ukraine Today team consists of more than 50 people, and many are still working under fire and rocket attacks, but continue to help Ukrainians and foreigners 24/7.

If you value the Visit Ukraine project and our help, you can support the team's work.

Since February 24, we have helped:

598,384 people
Daily we process requests from more than 700 people online. More than 50,000 users receive the necessary information on the portal every day.
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