User agreement

User Agreement (hereinafter "rules", "agreement") of the website (hereinafter "website", "portal")

Use of the information portal by the User means that the User accepts and undertakes to comply with all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement below. 

The website administration reserves the right to make changes to the Agreement, which take effect upon publication. The text of the current version of the Agreement is always available on Further use of the website after such changes have been made signifies your agreement to them.

Key terms

A website (Portal) is a collection of web-based files shared by the address space of the domain 

Website User (User) - any person communicating/acting on the Website automatically acknowledges full acceptance of the provisions of the User Agreement.

Website Administration (Administration) - Visit Ukraine Ltd. is the owner of all property rights to the Site and the administrator of the Site. 

Content - any information meaningful content of an information resource, including in the form of text, figures, photos, videos, graphics, including news and other materials. 

1.   Rights and obligations of the site administration and moderators

1.1 The administration has the right to change the design of the site and content at any time and without notice;

1.2 The Administration has the right to send users notifications regarding the use of the Website by e-mail and other means of communication;

1.3.The moderator of the website, appointed by the by the Administration, monitors and takes the necessary measures to ensure that the content posted on the site corresponds to the subject matter of the site. The moderator and the Administration of the Site make every effort to exclude from the Site negligent, inaccurate, offensive, untrue or deliberately incomplete information;

1.4 The website administration may use the personal data of users to contact these users, e.g. to inform about changes/updates to the website services or to send important messages and other similar messages relating to products that have been registered by the user and contact for purposes related to user/customer service, as well as, to inform about promotions, discounts and exclusive offers of the website; 

2.   Disclaimer

2.1. Articles and information and other content that appear on the Website do not constitute a recommendation to invest money and cannot be construed as an inducement to take action;

2.2. The Site Administration is not liable to the user or any third parties for any damages, including loss of profits or lost data, damage to honour, dignity or business reputation, caused in connection with the use of the site;

2.3 Administration is not responsible to the user or any third parties for the consequences of the use of information used / received by the user on the site; 

2.4. Administration provides content for introductory purposes and claims on the unreliability or incorrectness of calculations, statements, conclusions can only be advisory in nature; 

2.5. All offers, intentions, statements and any other statements shall not be regarded as a public offer.

3.   User rights and obligations

3.1 The user has the right to use the information and functionality of the website and to contact the administration of the website in order to resolve any disputes;

3.2. Publish information from the website with a mandatory link to

4.   Agreement on confidentiality and retention of personal data

4.1 Collection, storage, use, processing, disclosure of information obtained by the Administration of the site as a result of visiting the site and/or filling out registration forms, including personal data of Users, is carried out by the Administration of the site in accordance with the laws of Ukraine. A private person is aware and gives consent to the collection and processing of personal data by the Administration of the Site within the framework and for the purpose provided by the terms of the User Agreement; undertakes to notify the Administration of the Site in writing if he/she wants to exclude his/her personal data from the Site's databases. 

4.2. When registering on the website or completing applications for financial products of the Insurers, personal data may be disclosed to the following third parties:

   - Systems from the collection of statistics on visits to;
   - To the banks;
   - Insurance companies listed on the website;
   - To insurance agents.

4.3. The collection, storage, use, processing, disclosure of information obtained by VISIT UKRAINE PA as a result of visitors to its websites and/or completing registration forms, including users' personal data, is carried out in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

5.      The cost of the services provided from this Agreement

5.1 The cost of the paid services provided by the Service Provider is specified in the Terms and Conditions of the Insurance Contract, which are posted on the website and on the relevant pages of the website for each individual service, including all taxes and charges.

5.2 For the website functions provided to the User, the Site Administration has established the possibility of voluntary payment by the User through the "WFP" payment system, "LiqPay, Portmone, (Visa and MasterCard) to support development of web- resource and processing of questionnaires (service fee), mentioned in present Agreement; Herewith the mentioned voluntary payment made by User does not provide receipt of any income (profit), as well as payment of any remuneration or compensation. Also, the amount of such voluntary payment shall not affect the amount of free features of the Site available to the User. In case of payment through "WFP", "LiqPay" or "Portmone" interface User accepts the terms of use of the services of the said sites. At the same time the Parties have agreed that the User has no obligation to declare the results of charitable activities and does not receive any tax benefits in this regard. Money paid by the User to the Site as a service fee is not an investment and does not qualify as an investment activity, which accordingly does not result in any consequences for the Parties of this Agreement under the legislation on investment activities.

5.3 Voluntary payment through the WFP, LiqPay payment system, "Portmone" can be carried out by the user on the relevant page at the following link:

5.4 The amount of the voluntary payment as a service charge is defined in this Agreement.  

5.5. The terms, manner, price, term (period) of performance and method of payment shall be agreed upon by the parties prior to the provision of the service. In any case of using the paid functions of the website shall be made upon payment for the service in the manner provided for in this Agreement and if agreed with the Agreement and the Insurance Contract.

5.6. The cost and procedure for the provision of the services, the information about which is available on the Website as specified in the Insurance Agreement. 

5.7. Paid services provided to the Website User shall be valid for the entire time paid for by the Website User, except for the restrictions provided for in this Agreement and the Insurance Contract. 

5.8. Payments are made by paying 100% of the cost of services by bank transfer to the service provider at the details specified by the service provider. Payment can be made by any method chosen by the service provider, including any payment system chosen by the service provider. Information about the method of payment is available on the website.

5.9. The parties have agreed that certain methods of payment for services may involve fees or charges for the services of fiscal systems, acquirers, payment aggregators, banks, other payment system participants, etc., which are not included in the price of services. The service provider is not responsible for establishing such a commission or fee for the services of third parties.

5.10. The terms and procedure of providing financial services of transferring funds (accepting payments) are available on the official websites of banks or financial companies on the Internet. The User understands and agrees that when paying for services using the services of banks and financial institutions, the User shall independently pay bank fees and/or fees of financial institutions for the transfer of funds according to the tariffs of such institutions. The costs incurred by the user in connection with payment for services shall be borne by the user himself/herself and shall not be reimbursed by the service provider. 

5.11. The parties have agreed that services which are paid for by the user via payment systems are considered paid for at the moment the money has been transferred to the current account of the payment system indicated when placing the order. After the funds have been credited to the current account of the payment system, the Site User acquires the right to use the Services for which payment has been made.

5.12. The User is deemed to have become acquainted with the terms and conditions of this Agreement if they have made the appropriate payment for access to the paid features of the Site.

5.13.  The provisions of this part of the Agreement on fee-based features of the Site shall take effect as from the commencement of the relevant fee- based features of the Site.

6.      Terms and conditions for refunds

6.1.     Refunds of funds paid by the User for services received, both as part of the paid functions of the website and as part of voluntary payment, which the User may make under the terms of this agreement, shall be made as follows:

1. If the refund request (application) is received on the day the payment is made, the money paid will be refunded after deduction of the service charge.
2. if the request (application) for a refund is received the next day or in another time period after the payment has been made, except for justified reasons according to clause 3, the funds will be refunded with a deduction of up to 40%.
3. If the request (application) for a refund is received during the period of validity of the insurance policy or after its expiry, the funds will not be refunded. 
4. if the User's request (application) for a refund is justified by the purchase of a new Policy from the same Insurer on the Site and the period of validity has not started, the funds are refunded after deduction of the service charge.

6.2.      The user has the option to apply to the insurer regarding the postponement of insurance dates prior to the commencement of the insurance period for an indefinite period of time for future travel.

6.3.      For cancellations and refunds, please contact [email protected] or the website's hotline 

By agreeing to the terms of use of the information portal, the user agrees to a voluntary service fee of 8% according to the Public Offer Agreement for the processing of his application, personal data, as well as the storage and transfer of data exclusively to the persons specified in paragraph 4.2. of this Agreement. 

If you do not agree with these rules, please do not use the website.