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28 May. 2022


Visit Ukraine and Razom have been in touch 24/7 with everyone who needs help for a months now


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Visit Ukraine and Razom have been in touch 24/7 with everyone who needs help for a months now

Become an ambassador of Ukraine, do a good deed now

A little more than three months of Russia's war against Ukraine are over. Our state, our defenders, the Ukrainian people have been heroically holding for 94 days. All this time, Visit Ukraine team, with the support of Razom, has been in touch with every Ukrainian and foreigner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From the main tourist portal of the country, which showed the world the incredible beauty of our country, we have reformatted our activities to the information guard. Wherever you go in search of shelter, wherever you seek help in this difficult time, we are always ready to advise you. All these days we not only solved common issues of border crossing, paperwork or something - we mourned, cheered, rejoiced in the common victories of our country and brought victory closer together with our audience.

With the support of Razom, more than 79,000 Visit Ukraine users have already received targeted assistance. Every day we publish up to 5 information materials with the latest news that will help you navigate at home or abroad during the war. The first and only in Ukraine tourist round-the-clock Visit Ukraine hotline accepts more than 1000 calls a day. More than 70,000 users find answers to their questions on our portal every day.

We strongly believe that the day will soon come when the first message from Visit Ukraine will be "We have won!". We so much hope that our hotline will soon answer the question of how to return home as soon as possible or how can a foreigner  freely visit the freest country in the world. Soon, very soon, we will share together what we are so waiting for.

In the meantime, we are doing our best on our front and believe in the most stable Armed Forces. Stay on the line, because we always stay here with you :)

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