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10 Jul. 2022


Ukrainians in Latvia and Estonia can open a free bank account online

For refugees


Ukrainians in Latvia and Estonia can open a free bank account online

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Latvian bank Citadele announced a new service for Ukrainians - opening a bank account through a mobile application.

Since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the bank has received 4,200 applications from refugees from Ukraine to open accounts. Previously, the procedure could be carried out only in a bank branch and by prior appointment, now with the help of a mobile application, an account can be opened at any convenient time. The service is available for Ukrainians who have found refuge in Latvia and Estonia.

How to issue a card?

Opening a bank account takes place in several stages:

• download the Citadele Bank mobile application;

• take a selfie;

• attach a photocopy of the passport or other document confirming identity;

• download personal data, including a phone number and personal code issued by Latvia or Estonia.

The entire application procedure takes 5-7 minutes. The bank will check the uploaded information and, if everything is correct, will contact the client to receive a copy of the residence permit issued in Latvia. After opening an account, the applicant will receive his card and documents without visiting the branch - in a letter by mail.

The service is available in Latvian, English and Russian. Opening an account is free.

When opening an account remotely, citizens of Ukraine receive a Citadele X card, which allows you to make contactless purchases and withdraw cash without commission an unlimited number of times at Citadele ATMs and once a month at other ATMs around the world (taking into account the card limit).