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18 Okt. 2022


Work abroad: Peculiarities of employment of Ukrainians with temporary protection

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Work abroad: Peculiarities of employment of Ukrainians with temporary protection

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

Citizens of Ukraine who have temporary protection in the EU can work as employed or self-employed workers, have access to vocational training and enjoy the same treatment as workers in EU member states in terms of pay and other conditions.

The role of the European Commission and assistance in the employment of Ukrainian refugees

The European Commission helps people arriving from Ukraine acquire the necessary skills to enter the EU labor market. The support is financed from the Cohesion Policy funds and the new Cohesion Actions for Refugees in Europe (CARE) program, as well as the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. This includes assistance such as language courses, counseling or basic training.

Language and basic digital skills can also be developed through the Skills Pact networks, which bring together regional authorities, educational organizations and non-governmental organizations involved in supporting people who have left Ukraine.

The Commission has added the Ukrainian language to the EU Qualifications Profile Tool for third-country nationals on the website to help Ukrainian job seekers and those who wish to continue their studies.

The website also published a recommendation for simplifying the recognition of academic and professional qualifications obtained in Ukraine.

The European Training Fund helps the EU, national and Ukrainian authorities to compare Ukrainian and European qualification systems. It has created a resource center to help both Ukrainians seeking assistance in getting their qualifications recognized and others who need interpretation of qualifications.

Public employment services will play a key role in active labor market policies aimed at using the skills of newcomers and will act as intermediaries in the labor market.

Information from national ministries and employment services of each EU country can be found at the link.

EU Talent Fund

The European Commission has launched an online-based EU Talent Fund to help people fleeing Russia's invasion of Ukraine find work in the EU.

The experimental EU Talent Fund, available in English, Ukrainian and Russian, is implemented through the EURES portal. It unites public employment services, private employment agencies and employers from all over the EU.

The site has more than 3 million jobs and 4,000 employers, and new employers are invited to register.

The pilot EU Talent Fund is open to all jobseekers who benefit from temporary protection under the EU Temporary Protection Directive or adequate protection under national law that ensures their right to employment.

How to apply?

• To begin with, you need to register on the EURES portal.

• After registration, the tool guides job seekers through a process where they can identify their skills and upload their CV.

• Resumes published in the pilot EU Talent Fund will be available to public employment services in all participating countries, as well as to registered employers in all countries that are part of the European Network for the Cooperation of Employment Services (EURES). Job seekers can also view all vacancies posted on the portal.

We will remind you! Contact information of relevant bodies of foreign states can be obtained on the interactive map of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the pages of embassies/consulates.


You can also get the necessary information, including contacts of Embassies and Consulates and relevant bodies of foreign countries, on our website - just search for the country of interest.