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03 Nov. 2022


Power outage schedule: where to check power outages in different regions of Ukraine



Power outage schedule: where to check power outages in different regions of Ukraine

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7
Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

The Russians continue to launch massive attacks on energy facilities supplying Ukrainian cities. The power system throughout the country, unfortunately, suffered extensive damage. In this regard, a schedule of power outages was created for regions throughout Ukraine.

It should be noted that the list of streets and the chronological sequence are indicative. DTEK notes that 30-40 minute deviations from the shutdown time specified in the schedule are possible. However, it is emphasized that electricity will not be available for more than 4 hours for each group of consumers.

In order to find out when there may be a power outage at home, enter the street name and house number on the website of your electricity distribution system operator.

Attention! If your address is not on the list, there is a high probability that your home will not receive an outage. Also, the presence of your address in the schedule does not guarantee 100% disconnection. Shutdown may not occur if there is no need for it.

Remember! The more you save electricity today, the fewer emergency shutdowns will occur.

We would like to remind you, that Ukraine is currently in power saving mode. Consumers are asked not to turn on energy-intensive appliances during peak hours from 6 to 9 in the morning and from 5 to 11 in the evening, but to limit their use during the day. Restrictions apply to heaters, boilers, electric stoves, washing machines, ovens, air conditioners, microwaves, electric kettles, etc.

You can find more detailed information about blackouts in your region on the website of your electricity distribution system operator:

• Kyiv -

• Kyiv region -

• Kharkiv -

• Odesa -

• Lviv -

• Kherson -

• Vinnytsia -

• Dnipro -

• Zaporizhzhia -

• Chernihiv -

• Uzhhorod -

• Poltava -

• Khmelnytskyi -

• Lutsk -

• Ternopil -

• Kropyvnytskyi -

• Zhytomyr -

• Sumy -

• Cherkasy -

• Mykolaiv -

• Chernivtsi -

• Rivne -

• Ivano-Frankivsk -

Sites may not always work due to a numerous of visitors, so we recommend that you wait 5 minutes and try again in such cases.

Why are power outage schedules not being implemented?

The unpredictability of power outages is currently a problem for many Ukrainians. We explain why this happens.

The peculiarity of the electricity market is that every second the production must be equal to the consumption. If consumption exceeds production, the frequency of the system decreases. Standard: 50 Hz. The permissible deviation is  minus 0.4 Hz.

When the frequency decreases, without human intervention, automatic frequency relief (AFR) is activated - automation turns off the power supply in whole areas in turn. There are a total of 10 queues, they were arranged so that each had the same power consumption.

AFR is bad, because the equipment is damaged during the use of this mode. Therefore, the dispatcher does not lead to the AFP, using the Emergency Shutdown Schedules (ESS).

How does this happen?

The dispatcher of the system operator (NEC Ukrenergo) reports to the dispatchers of the distribution system operators (DSO, Oblenergo) the amount of capacity to which the system needs to be unloaded. DSO decides which of the consumers to turn off.

The problem is that not all consumers can be turned off from the remote control. For many, it has to be done manually.

So, when there is an urgent shortage, usually due to another attack, DSOs turn off those consumers who can be turned off faster.

It is also worth noting that the shutdown queues were compiled taking into account peaceful times, when there were more consumers and working enterprises in the country. Now the dispatcher, expecting to remove the deficit at the expense of two queues, is forced to turn off three or four queues.

How is the blackout schedule calculated?

A few days after the shelling, you can draw up a queue rotation schedule so that the same consumers do not turn off for a long time. And to warn about blackouts, but each new destruction of the energy facility by missiles will change this schedule.

How can you help avoid outages?

While the shelling continues and damaged objects are being restored, long-term and unpredictable power outages can only be avoided by saving money.

To do this, it is enough to transfer the operation of boilers, heaters, dishwashers and washing machines to the night hours, and, if possible, to observe the electricity saving mode during the day.