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12 Jun. 2023


Rebuilding Ukraine: which countries are helping to rebuild cities destroyed by russia

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Rebuilding Ukraine: which countries are helping to rebuild cities destroyed by russia

Despite the ongoing war, Ukraine is actively working to rebuild the cities destroyed by russia. Find out which countries Ukraine cooperates with the most and how the world is helping to restore the damaged infrastructure

Get involved in an urgent fundraiser to help the injured animals of Kherson region
Get involved in an urgent fundraiser to help the injured animals of Kherson region

According to the Kyiv School of Economics, during the year of the full-scale invasion, russia destroyed or partially destroyed more than 154,000 residential buildings, at least 1,200 medical facilities, more than 3,000 educational institutions, about 2,000 cultural heritage sites, at least 350 religious buildings, and more than 120 railway stations in Ukraine. These are horrific figures that contradict any rules of warfare, as civilian infrastructure and civilians suffered the most.

Today, international partners play a significant role in the country's recovery, as Ukraine's main efforts are focused on the functioning and stabilization of the state in the face of a terrible war. Thus, back in 2022, Volodymyr Zelenskyy proposed to world leaders the concept of patronage over the restoration of certain regions of Ukraine, which was joined by almost 30 countries. For example:

● Greece took over the reconstruction of Mariupol;

● The United States and Turkey will help Kharkiv;

● Mykolaiv region has enlisted the support of Denmark;

● The Baltic States are ready to support Zhytomyr;

● The Czech Republic has declared its readiness to help restore Dnipropetrovska oblast;

● Austria has taken Zaporizhzhia region under its patronage.

Most international partners are waiting for the active phase of the war to end in order to start rebuilding the regions, but some countries have already joined the process and are raising their own resources to rebuild the affected cities.

Special attention should be paid to foreign volunteers who personally come to Ukraine and take an active part in rebuilding the country and supporting the local population. We wrote more about how to become a volunteer in Ukraine and the current entry rules for foreigners here.

Cooperation at the level of cronies: how Denmark helps Mykolaiv

According to the latest comments of the head of Mykolaiv Regional Administration Vitalii Kim, cooperation with Denmark has moved to a new level, which was characterized by the apt phrase "we will soon become godfathers". Indeed, today the Danish partnership with Mykolaiv region is the most successful and effective. 

Mykolaiv suffered significant damage during the full-scale invasion of russia. The shelling damaged about 1,000 multi-storey buildings, as well as about the same number of private houses, 84 educational institutions, 16 medical facilities and at least 45 public utilities. The most critical challenge was the attack on communications, as the city of almost half a million people was left without centralized water supply. This became a priority area of cooperation between Denmark and Mykolaiv, and this year it has already yielded good results, as the region has successfully withstood the most difficult heating season. 

Today, work on the restoration of critical infrastructure continues, and the Danish government has already handed over to local authorities

● about 20 special water purification systems;

● powerful pumps for water intake and supply;

● many kilometers of polyethylene pipes to restore water supply in the areas where the breakthroughs occurred;

● tons of other equipment for water supply and heating in homes.

In addition, Denmark helped to complete the reconstruction of the aeration system for wastewater treatment.

The second important area being worked on in Copenhagen today is a master plan for the city's reconstruction, which envisages not only the actual restoration of the destroyed infrastructure but also the reconstruction of the city's overall space with the demolition of old Soviet buildings and the construction of modern new buildings that will meet international standards.

The total value of Danish aid to Mykolaiv exceeded the EUR 5 million threshold, but the entire amount was donated in the form of necessary equipment and materials. 

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International support for Zhytomyr

Zhytomyr does not have any special partnership or twinning agreements with specific countries (which have already come into effect), but the region receives significant support from many Western partners. In particular, the Polish cities of Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot, the American town of Noblesville, the Italian city of Vicenza, the German city of Dortmund, and others provide targeted assistance.

According to the local authorities, Zhytomyr also does not accept funds for reconstruction; cooperation is based on the transfer of humanitarian goods, special equipment, equipment, materials, etc. In addition, active project work is underway to restore the city after the war and modernize urban space. A special place in this plan is occupied by the educational program, the manufacturing and agricultural sectors, and the innovative development of the city.

Big support for small Makariv

The small village of Makariv, located 40 kilometers from Kyiv, has received unprecedented European support. Thus, 9 months after the de-occupation, a new modern facility was built on the site of the destroyed outpatient clinic. 

In addition, Makariv is the only city in Ukraine to receive a €15 million grant from the European Commission. According to the local authorities, the funds will be used to rebuild civilian infrastructure, including kindergartens, hospitals and educational institutions, which were completely destroyed during the russian army's offensive on the capital.

This grant is an official confirmation that Western partners are interested in cooperating with Ukraine and are ready to help and trust the state with their funds.

Prospects for rebuilding Ukraine and new opportunities

Today's support from international partners is an unprecedented result of Ukraine's agreements with world leaders. For perhaps the first time since Ukraine's independence, their support is decisive and effective, not just written on paper. It is also important that not only large cities but also small towns in different regions of Ukraine receive assistance.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that the friend countries are ready not only to restore the damaged infrastructure, but also to work with local authorities on new projects to modernize Ukrainian cities. To date, the Ukrainian government has already identified 6 settlements that will be rebuilt according to the "build back better" principle:

● Borodyanka and Moshchun (Kyiv region);
● Trostianets (Sumy region);
● Yahidne (Chernihiv oblast);
● Posad-Pokrovsky (Kherson region);
● Tsirkuny (Kharkiv region).

So we can safely conclude that Ukraine has become interesting to foreigners, and their interest is manifested not only in helping "here and now" but also in joint projects after the war is over. However, Ukraine needs to work on establishing cooperation between central and local authorities and transparency in attracting foreign funds.

We remind you! russia's attack on Ukraine has united the international community in ensuring international security and preventing the spread of russian aggression. We have told you more about which countries pursue their own goals by supporting Ukraine and why some of them hide their assistance in our previous article.

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