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17 Sep. 2023


Where did Ukrainians spend this summer and where can they go in the fall?



Where did Ukrainians spend this summer and where can they go in the fall?

Despite the difficult reality, Ukrainians do not give up their traveling thirst. Find out more about what vacation destinations they choose when their favorite beaches are unavailable and where to plan your fall trip in 2023

Order bus, train, plane tickets to/from Ukraine and between cities around the world
Order bus, train, plane tickets to/from Ukraine and between cities around the world

Even in the face of a full-scale russian invasion, Ukrainians continue to travel. And although the war closed access to beach holidays on the shores of the Black and Azov seas, many people were able to go on vacation this year or plan to do so soon.

Where did Ukrainians rest? Where to plan an autumn trip in 2023? We will tell you in detail later.

Where did Ukrainians go the most in the summer of 2023?

Due to the closed air space, many travelers prefer to travel by rail. The other day, Ukrzaliznytsia reported that Ukrainians are quite actively travel on the territory of the state and beyond its borders.. During the period from June 1 to August 31, 2023, 6.7 million passengers used domestic trains.

The following flights are among the top five in terms of number of passengers:

● #119/120 Zaporizhia — Lviv (186,313 passengers);

● #41/42 Dnipro — Truskavets (181,772 passengers);

● #705/706 Kyiv — Przemyśl (171,253 passengers);

● #715/716 Kyiv — Przemyśl (168,912 passengers);

● #81/82 Kyiv — Uzhhorod (163,374 passengers).

The most crowded were flights #53/54 Kyiv — Przemyśl and #23/24 Kyiv — Chelm, in which 98% of tickets were sold for each flight.

Taking this into account, we can conclude that this summer Ukrainians preferred to rest in the Carpathians and in general in the west of the country. Many people also went abroad.

When choosing a place to travel, most travelers pay attention to the beauty of nature, and tourists are also interested in cultural heritage and historical sights.

What to visit in Ukraine in autumn 2023?

And although the summer season is behind us, this is no reason to give up traveling. A vacation in autumn can also give you a lot of pleasant emotions, because it is during this period that you can catch the last warm rays and see the brightest colors that only nature can reproduce. Also, in most tourist places in autumn, the number of visitors decreases significantly, and therefore the prices also become lower.

The largest cities of Ukraine continue to attract travelers from different parts of the country and the world. In autumn, you can easily enjoy hiking and exploring the urban environment, because the exhausting heat has already fallen asleep. Excursions to invincible Kyiv, charming Odessa or historic Lviv will give you many pleasant moments, because every city of Ukraine takes your breath away with its beauty and versatility.

When exploring Ukrainian cities, don't overlook temples, synagogues, mosques, Karaite kenas and Lutheran churches, because churches and cathedrals are not only a place of pilgrimage, but also the cultural heritage of Ukraine, because many of them are real works of art. Learn more about the 12 most beautiful shrines in Ukraine and add the nearest ones to your itinerary.

Undoubtedly, the true Ukrainian pearl remains the Carpathians, which fascinate with their beauty and local flavor at any time of the year. In addition to the festive yellow-red outfit, the autumn mountains will surprise you with a generous harvest of mushrooms and berries. Come to the Carpathians for a weekend or a longer vacation. When planning your route, check out our list of 11 Carpathian places that look especially beautiful in autumn. Also, do not forget that a trip to the mountains requires special preparation. What to take with you on vacation to the Carpathians? Useful tips from experienced travelers at the link.

Because of the war, most Ukrainians are under stress. However, mental health and peace of mind are very important for a person. Even a short vacation will help to restore strength and perhaps take a little rest from the night missile attacks to work with new forces and bring victory closer. The best places for relaxation in Ukraine are collected at the link.

Also, sometimes just a weekend is enough to change the picture and recharge with positive emotions. A good option would be a short trip to Odessa with friends or family.

Travelers who are looking for something interesting and unusual are advised to familiarize themselves with our large database of safe tours in Ukraine. Even the most demanding tourist will be able to find something interesting here.

Why do foreign tourists go to Ukraine even in war? Look for the answer to this question in an interview with American traveler Jim Nathanson.

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Useful tips for organizing a trip to Ukraine

Having chosen a place for rest, it is worth moving on to planning a trip.

Taking into account the fact that, according to statistics, 23% of Ukrainians did not travel in 2023 due to a difficult financial situation, the preparation for the trip should begin with the approval of the budget. Competent distribution of expenses will allow you to save and possibly go on a trip even for those who did not expect to rest this year.

● How to plan a trip?

- Buy tickets to your chosen destination. Give preference to reliable transport companies and only proven ticket purchase services. Tickets for buses, trains and flights can be purchased on the Visit Ukraine website. Read more about the benefits of buying from us here. You can see the schedule and book a ticket by following the link.

Find a hotel. When choosing an institution, be sure to pay attention to the presence of nearby shelters.

- Take care of insurance. Tourists often neglect this stage, because in their opinion, their planned trip is not extreme at all, and therefore, as they think, there is no need to overpay for insurance for the duration of the trip. However, many adventures can happen while on vacation and you should be prepared for them by taking out a health insurance policy. We should also not forget about the risks associated with conducting active hostilities in Ukraine. Before traveling, we advise you to study in more detail the issue of indemnification of war-related risks and be sure to purchase an appropriate policy.

Ukraine will surely surprise and impress every traveler, because the rich culture, the beauty of local sights and delicious cuisine combined with the fabulous autumn nature are the perfect set for a good vacation.

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