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11 Sep. 2022


The most beautiful railway stations of Ukraine



The most beautiful railway stations of Ukraine

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The railway station is the gateway to the city, its business card, the first thing a guest who travels by train sees. Sometimes the station is the only memory of the city that will flash through the window during a short stop. That is why there are many interesting railway stations in Ukraine, the most beautiful of which we have collected for you in this selection. It may surprise you that some small towns can boast of railway stations that would be the envy of even millionaire cities.

The Central Railway Station of Kyiv was built in 1870. The station unites 3 stations: Central, Southern and Suburban. During its long history, it was reconstructed 7 times, the last in 2001. Then the station was expanded due to the construction of Kyiv-Pivdenny station. It took 175 days for the reconstruction, by the way, thanks to such a fast pace of reconstruction, the Kyiv railway station was entered into the Guinness Book of Records. The passenger traffic of the station is about 6 million people per year. In 2011, the Rolling Stock Museum was opened at the station.

Lviv railway station proudly bears the title of the first railway station on the territory of modern Ukraine, it was opened in 1861. However, the building was badly damaged during the Second World War and was rebuilt. The last restoration was carried out in 2001.

The central entrance to the station building is decorated with two statues - "Trade" and "Industry", and above the portal there is a sculpture symbolizing Lviv and railway traffic.

Zhmerinka railway station can be considered one of the most beautiful in Ukraine. It was built in 1865 on the model of a railway station in Munich, the architectural style is Ukrainian modern in combination with the Renaissance. The railway station is an architectural monument of local importance.

The Kharkiv railway station first opened its doors in 1869, but was repeatedly destroyed. The modern building was built in 1952. The railway station in Kharkiv is one of the largest in Ukraine, the total area of ​​the station is 2,410 m2.

Kozyatinsky station deserves special attention. The station was opened in 1899, even then several trains could depart or arrive from the station at the same time. At the beginning of the 20th century, the station was one of 3 in Ukraine that had its own power plant. There is an interesting legend about a bronze chandelier that decorated the buffet at the station. During the Second World War, the Germans tried to take it out, but they only reached Odessa. Rumor has it that this particular chandelier currently adorns the Odessa Opera House.

Odesa railway Station is an architectural monument, built in 1884 in the neoclassical style. During the Second World War, the building was destroyed, a new station was opened in the 1950s in keeping with the historical style. An interesting fact is that Odesa station is the final stop for all trains.

Chernivtsi railway station was built in 1909. Both pagan and Christian symbols were used in the architecture of the station: the goddess Iris and angels as symbols of hospitality. The architectural style of the building is modern. The station was rebuilt after the First World War.

At first glance, Kryvyi Rih railway station resembles a fairy-tale house. The station was opened in 1884, then it was called Dovhyntseve. However, it is interesting that even now some local residents call the station by its old name, since it was renamed only in 1979.

In 2022, Ukrzaliznytsia awarded the station in Kryvyi Rih with the distinction of "Railway Station" for ensuring the evacuation of tens of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing the war.

Chernihiv railway station is an architectural monument. It was built according to the project of a German prisoner of war after the Second World War. It combines several styles in its architecture - Ukrainian baroque, European classicism and "Soviet empire".

The Dnipro-Holovny railway station originates from the "Katerynoslav" station, which was opened in 1884. The modern building was created in 1956. The station is the 5th busiest in Ukraine.

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