Why are Ukrainians increasingly choosing Ukraine for travel?



Why are Ukrainians increasingly choosing Ukraine for travel?

Why are Ukrainians increasingly choosing Ukraine for travel?

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Tours in Ukraine are becoming increasingly popular among the population. Since 2020, when the world was engulfed by the COVID-19 pandemic, domestic tourism began to develop more actively in many countries. Ukraine was not an exception 2 years ago, and this year, travel to Ukraine has become even more relevant for many.

Martial law significantly limited the departure of men abroad. Also, many people's incomes have decreased. That is why tours in Ukraine are a great option for families to relax and improve their health. In addition, supporting hotels and Ukrainian tour operators is good for the economy and patriotic in this difficult time.

We advise you to join the trips to Ukraine. Visit Ukraine offers a great selection of tours for every taste!


This is a four-day tour, which combines an educational excursion program and recreation. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the city of Kamianets-Podilsky, which has preserved the spirit of the Middle Ages and ranks third in the number of architectural monuments in Ukraine after Lviv and Kyiv. You will also be invited to visit the town of Bakota, flooded by the waters of the Dniester, which has an interesting history and extraordinary energy.


This two-day excursion will present you a waterfall in Yaremche, a world-famous church in Rohatyn, a chairlift ride with Carpathian panoramas in Bukovel, interactive museums of Verkhovyna and Kryvorivna, photography in Hutsul clothing and fiery Hutsul fun with music, dance, singing and delicious Hutsul snacks. And you are also offered the option to climb Hoverla with an instructor or go rafting on Black Cheremosh.

(Departure from the city of Dnipro)

In this tour, you will see how history intertwines... Here are the best arboretums in Ukraine, built for beautiful women - Oleksandra and Sofia. Here are the most beautiful canyons and a castle on the Ros River. Here you will be amazed by the Butskyi Canyon in Girskyi Tikych and the history of Count Bobrynskyi in the Smilyan region. Just 2 days of travel, and you will get positive impressions and bright emotions for several weeks or even months.


This three-day tour will allow you to enjoy the light and music show of the fountains, visit the National Museum-Estate of M.I. Pyrogov, climb the water tower, take a walk on the territory of the Hitler Werwolf Camp, enjoy the Central Park named after Gorky, with an area of 40 hectares, is a favorite place for recreation and walks of Vinnytsia residents.


This tour will truly give you an unforgettable vacation. Both children and adults will be satisfied. The natural monument "Dovbush Rocks" cave complex, the incredibly beautiful Synevyr Lake, which is popularly called the "Eye of the Sea", and the "Palanok" Castle, a unique example of medieval fortification architecture, await you. You will also have the opportunity to ride the Carpathian tram, relax in thermal pools and taste delicious cheeses.

And this is far from a complete list of amazing places in Ukraine that you can visit together with Visit Ukraine. Follow the link and choose exactly the tour that will give you a wonderful rest and the brightest emotions!