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Stara Tatarka: an individual tour

Tour dates: every day

During the tour, you will see and learn:

We will see the oldest wooden church in Kyiv;

Let's walk down a street that is not on the city's plans;

We will visit the mystical Bald Mountain with an ancient abandoned cemetery;

It offers a unique panorama of Podil, Pochayna, Obolon and Zadniprovia;

Let's take a look at a ghost house that became a movie star;

Local gems of the district are the Mansion with Horns and the Academy of Good Deeds;

We will see a unique mosque with a minaret;

We find out what the church and the nuclear power plant have in common;

Who found the Kyivan Jordan;

Stara Tatarka is a neighborhood that definitely stands out from the rest with its gloss and charm of the past.

The place got its name from the settlement of ethnic Tatars who, fleeing imperial persecution, settled in the suburbs of Kyiv.

Later, Ukrainian intellectuals came here.

What you need to know before the tour

 - The tour is NOT extreme, but take into account the length of the route and the terrain;

 - The total length of the route is about 5 km;

 - You need clothes and shoes that are comfortable for walking around the city;

The price is for an individual tour (1-10 people)

The tour is conducted in Ukrainian or English to choose from.

To book a tour in English, select the option "Kyiv City Tour in English" when booking.

The cozy area and the tranquility of a moderate life inspired people of creative professions. Here you will see the city from a different perspective, instead of modern skyscrapers, you will be greeted by cozy old mansions and estates, narrow twisting roads and paths. Join us, colorful Tatarka will surprise you!

5 reasons to choose tour


See the hidden, unknown Kyiv


Visit mysterious, enigmatic, hidden from prying eyes places of the capital


Listen to interesting, sometimes creepy stories from our guides


Enjoy convenience and comfort, because the trip is thought out in advance by our team


This tour is individual - and therefore made just for you, we will take into account all your wishes

Key landmarks




Stara Tatarka district

What is included?

Professional guide

Professional guide

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.