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Svidovets is an extremely beautiful Carpathian ridge with endless views, the edge of high mountain lakes. An interesting adventure awaits us on the journey, we will walk along the ridge from Lake Dogyaska to Mount Blyznytsia. During the program we will visit: Stig 1704m, Velikiy Kotel 1770m, Gendarme 1763m and Bliznytsia 1881m, Lake Dogyaska. This hike will be comfortable, because we will spend the night in a lodge at the Dragobrat ski resort.

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The price of the tour includes:

- Meals (hot breakfast and dinner, lunch - snack; for one-day tours - snack);

- Guide services;

- Recreational collection in nature reserves;

- Equipment for cooking;

- Group first aid kit;

- Consultations on preparation for the tour.

The price of the tour does not include and is paid additionally:

- transfer to the starting point (approximately 400 UAH);

- food (individually);

- rental of equipment;

- souvenirs.

Additionally, you can purchase travel insurance on our website.

Technical information:

1. At 08:00 the group gathers at the central station of the city of Yaremche or Ivano-Frankivsk, or at the place of residence (Yaremche). From here we go by bus/car to the starting point of the journey.

2. The length of the route is 25 km in both directions.

3. The duration of the transition is 2 days.

4. The difficulty is easy.

5. The tourist route is designed for an average group of physically healthy people.

6. Participation in the hike does not require prior training or experience.

7. It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol during the ascent and descent.

What to take with you on a trip?

1. Identity document: passport/driver's license.

2. Comfortable waterproof shoes (preferably mountain trekking boots with high lacing and a "vibram" type protector).

3. A windproof jacket with a hood, preferably waterproof, windproof pants that do not hinder movement, a warm sweater or a "fleece" type jacket, headgear (hat, bandana), raincoat.

4. Spare set of clothes.

5. A capacious, preferably light backpack

6. Water

7. Food: you can take high-calorie foods, such as nuts, dried fruits, dates, raisins, dark chocolate.

8. Individual first-aid kit (necessary medicines that you use).


  - for an individual tour - 3800 UAH;

  - for a group of 2–10 people - 1800 UAH per person.

There is a three-day hiking option with an overnight stay in tents. with. Kvasy - Blyznytsia in 1881. - lake Dogyaska - TC "Drogobrat".

The price per person in a tourist group is UAH 3,300.

You can always contact us to discuss the time, date and details of the selected trip.

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Day 1

Stig 1704m – Velikiy Kotel 1770m – Dogyaska Lake. Distance: 15 km. Group meeting, transfer to the village of Yasinya. In the village, we change to an SUV and drive to Dragobrat. There we settle into the manor, leave all the extra things, have a tasty snack and start our hiking route. First, we climb Mount Stig, and then we go to Mount Velikiy Kotel, where we descend to Lake Dogyaska. The entire route will be pure pleasure, because Svidovets is enchanting!

Day 2

Mountain. Gendarmerie in 1763 - Velika and Mala Blyznytsia - village. Kvasy Distance: 17 km. The second traveling day will be no less interesting. We wake up, have breakfast, collect our things and start climbing Gendarme Mountain. It is followed by an ascent to Mount Blyznytsia, 1881 m. From this peak, we will see the entire panorama of Svidovets. We hike the intermediate peaks - Mala Blyznytsia (1566 m) and Pereslup (1452 m), the Brailka mountain range. In the end, we go to the village of Kvasy, where we can drink real mineral water of the Carpathians - this is Burkut water. Visit a local brewery and cheese factory.

5 reasons to choose tour


Cool guides

They will not only guide you along the route from start to finish, but also tell interesting stories and legends



Climbing the mountains can be done in 3 days and conquer the mountains in such a short time



Incredible landscapes will open up to you


Difficulty (easiness)

These peaks can be conquered even by beginners, it can be your first serious achievement in hiking



Physical activity + clean air + spring water + altitude = reserve of health for months ahead

Key landmarks


Ski resort Dragobrat


Yasinya village


Svidovets mountain massif

What is included?



Guide services

Guide services

Recreational collection in nature reserves

Recreational collection in nature reserves

Cooking equipment

Cooking equipment

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.