City tour of Ivano-Frankivsk with a private guide

Modern-day Ivano-Frankivsk, formerly Stanislaviv, was founded as a fortress city according to the plan of the "ideal city" known since the Renaissance. However, there were only three such cities in Ukraine because they had to be built from scratch on a flat spot or simply from scratch. The architects of Stanislaviv were Francois Corassini and his successor, Carlo Benoît. They were the authors of medieval "star cities" with a star as a symbol, which were the basis of all "ideal cities". Stanyslaviv was surrounded by strong walls; ethnic groups lived in their own territories, and there were churches and a town hall in the center of the market square. I wondered how big this territory of this supercity was. Let's go for a walk within the fortress to find out.

We will get acquainted not only with the Renaissance, but also with the monuments and memorials of all periods of Ivano-Frankivsk's development.

Duration: 2 hours (3 km)

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Professional guides will tell us stories


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We will see the fortress city of Stanislaviv


We will get acquainted with the Renaissance.

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Ivano - Frankivsk

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Professional guides

Professional guides

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