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28 Feb. 2022


Nationwide survey: Ukraine at war



Nationwide survey: Ukraine at war

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70% of interviewed Ukrainians convinced that Ukraine is able to withstand russian invasion while only 16% convinced otherwise – result of of survey conducted by sociological group "Rating".

• The trust in Ukrainian military forces profoundly increased  during the last week. Negative sentiments weren't found in any region. The western and central regions show the highest rate of confidence in military – (75-78%). East  and South have lower numbers of 64-66%.

• 91% of citizens approve President's actions. Do not support 6%, cannot answer – 3%. Since December 2021, support for the actions of the President of Ukraine has tripled.

• This exclusively high support also shown all over country: approval rating in the West and Center exceed 90% while eastern and southern regions show more then 80%. 

Interviewees: citizens of Ukraine, 18+ years old in all government-controlled area.