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06 Jul. 2023


If russia blows up ZNPP: what not to do



If russia blows up ZNPP: what not to do

In the event of an accident at ZNPP, it is important to remain calm and act clearly and deliberately. Find out what not to do and how to save your life and health in the event of a nuclear disaster

Take out health insurance to feel as safe as possible
Take out health insurance to feel as safe as possible

Recently, Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced the enemy's intention to blow up the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. The same information was confirmed by the Armed Forces and Kyrylo Budanov. According to the head of Ukrainian intelligence, the plan for a terrorist attack on ZNPP is ready for implementation. 

The consequences of the ZNPP explosion could be felt even in regions far from the plant. Forecasts vary: from radiation contamination of the Black and Azov Seas to radiation contamination of a million people. To protect yourself and your loved ones, we recommend that you follow official recommendations and clearly understand what steps can help and what steps can harm.

Understanding the algorithm of actions and preparing for a possible disaster will allow you to cope with this situation and not harm yourself. Here is what not to do if the russians cause a nuclear disaster.

Actions that will harm you in the event of an explosion at a nuclear power plant:

Panic and be influenced by fakes

Ukraine's Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko urged Ukrainians to remain calm. He said that local authorities, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Energy are fully prepared for a possible terrorist attack and radiation leakage. Special headquarters with employees of the State Emergency Service, police and medical institutions are already operating in the respective regions.

In the event of a terrorist attack, you should immediately go to a shelter or a room without windows and doors, turn on the TV or radio, and listen to official instructions.

Stay outside

Radiation particles are similar to dust, so it is important to lock yourself indoors and turn off the air conditioner. If you need to walk several kilometers to a shelter, stay at home. But if the authorities organize an evacuation, you should put on the most closed clothing, a respirator or mask, a hat and follow the assembly point.

If the explosion caught you outside, go to a shelter as soon as possible. Radioactive dust may remain in the air for up to a day. During this time, the authorities and relevant services will make every effort to reduce its concentration by 80%.

Ignore the importance of the "alarm case"

As a result of the radiation accident, Ukrainians will have to spend some time indoors. Therefore, it is worth taking care of a sufficient amount of water, food, and medicine. If there is a shelter near your home or office, prepare a backpack or bag with important things. Having it will save you time and energy that you won't have to spend looking for documents and food.

If your shelter is an apartment, make sure you have critical medicines and food.

The Ministry of Health has published recommendations for filling an evacuation kit:

● Documents and copies of documents (passport and birth certificate, documents certifying ownership of property, contacts of persons to be contacted in case of emergency)

● a minimum supply of food and water;

● a protective mask or respirator;

● a first aid kit and a week's supply of medications (if you have a chronic illness);

● wet wipes

● a change of clothes and shoes.

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Take potassium iodide

According to the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, no terrorist scenario will require iodine prophylaxis among the population. Taking the drug off-label can result in serious side effects, such as hyperthyroidism and iodism. 

It is important to understand that potassium iodide does not protect the entire body from radiation. It is able to protect the thyroid gland from radioactive iodine. Therefore, this drug should be taken only after the recommendation of the State Emergency Service or the Ministry of Health.

It should be added that the use of other iodine-containing drugs (betadine or Lugol's solution) will lead to poisoning and burns of the mucous membrane.

Consume all available foods

Radiation particles can penetrate into things, including food. Remember that foods from the refrigerator and freezer, as well as those stored in airtight containers, will be safe. Medicines in closed packaging are also safe. 

Boil water

A similar approach works for water. Bottled water and drinks from the refrigerator can be drunk. But boiling will not get rid of radioactive particles.

Water in other containers in your home, such as a toilet tank or water heater, will not contain radioactive material. Tap or well water can be used to wash your body and food and water packages. The Ministry of Health explained that any radioactive material that gets into the water will be diluted to a very low level. Therefore, such water is safe for washing skin, hair and clothes.

Read unofficial sources

During any emergency, it is important to remember about information hygiene. The Ministry of Health recommends following the messages of official sources:

● Information channels of the SES (official website, Telegram channel, Facebook page);

● Channels of local authorities;

● Regional Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health (each region has its own website).

In the event of an accident at ZNPP, stay calm and follow all instructions of the authorities and representatives of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine!

We will survive! We will win!

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