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24 Mar. 2022


One month of Ukraine at war: results



One month of Ukraine at war: results

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The first month of the war in Ukraine is coming to an end. Now we can say with confidence that its consequences, without exaggeration, are catastrophic. Destroyed cities and villages, countless civilian casualties, refugees and a critical situation in the economy. A careful count of war crimes is being carried out - both for international courts and for national ones. And also because for our country every life, every connection of any value is the highest value.


It is impossible to calculate the exact number of the dead right now: we have examples of the crimes of the Russian horde against humanity in the hottest spots, where there is simply no one to dig people out from under destroyed buildings, to get them out of bomb shelters. For now, we will only list the number of recorded cases. As of March 20, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights spoke of 902 dead civilians and 1,459 injured. This is not counting 248 residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. But, only on the example of Mariupol, where there is no way, not only to keep an accurate count - just to sort out the rubble after the air raids, it is obvious that we are talking about thousands and thousands of victims. 

According to the data in the morning of 24.03.22, 128 children were killed and 172 were injured. Again, excluding Mariupol and other places.

Five journalists were killed while performing their tasks, 7 were injured, and one person went missing.

Infrastructure of cities and villages

651 houses were completely destroyed and 3,780 were damaged. As for Mariupol, according to the latest data, 0% of the housing stock has survived there. 135 medical institutions (9 - completely). More than 155 kindergartens and 230 schools were destroyed or damaged, and 73 educational institutions were completely destroyed. 8 institutions of art and culture, but the figure for these objects is inaccurate, because it does not take into account architectural monuments, including religious buildings. 


The UN estimates that 3.5 million people have crossed the Ukrainian border in search of international asylum. Among them 2.1 million went to Poland, 555 thousand - to Romania, 371 thousand - Moldova, 324 thousand - Hungary, 256 thousand - Slovakia. Of these, almost 300 thousand foreigners who were in Ukraine legally. 6.5 million Ukrainians have temporarily moved to relatively quiet western regions.

Economic losses

During this month, economic losses reached at least 1.8 trillion UAH. 26 plants and warehouses, 6 hydroelectric power stations and thermal power plants, 15 airports were destroyed. Transport infrastructure has lost 5,000 km of railways, 15,000 km of roads and 350 bridges. This is excluding losses to the stocks of commercial companies (shops, warehouses, etc.) and their production and trade infrastructure, livestock and natural resources, property of telecom operators and movable property.

Note that all data are updated every minute.

For every Ukrainian on February 24, life was divided into BEFORE and AFTER. No one will be forgotten! We will not forgive anything!

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