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26 Jul. 2023


Places of Ukraine shrouded in legends



Places of Ukraine shrouded in legends

Ukraine is full of places shrouded in mystery, eerie legends and mystical phenomena. Many researchers are still unable to explain this. Find out about the mysterious places in Ukraine that you need to see with your own eyes

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

For those who love mysticism, there are truly "terribly beautiful" locations. Ukraine is full of places shrouded in intriguing legends and mystical tales. Researchers are still puzzling over these unexplained phenomena and mysteries.


We will tell you about the mysterious places in Ukraine that tickle your nerves with their mystical stories and surprise you with their grandeur and beauty in the article.

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Oconsk springs


The springs, known as the "Miracle of Volyn", are located south of the village of Okonske in the Volyn region.


In the water you can see two cup-shaped fountains with powerful springs. The cold water of the lake is not carbonated and always remains fresh.


The Volyn miracle is also rich in legends. One of them is that the Cossack detachment of Nalyvaiko and Khmelnytsky's army drank water from the Okonsky spring.


There are also stories about underground canals connecting the lake to remote water bodies. According to local residents, ringed pikes released in Oknyshche were caught in lakes Bile and Svityaz in Rivne region.


Bugai triangle


Everyone has probably heard of the Bermuda Triangle, where people disappear without a trace. In Ukraine, there is a similar anomalous region called the Bugai Triangle.


Once upon a time, there was a village called Mala Buhaika. According to eyewitnesses, time acceleration and freezing were recorded there.


The village was deserted in Soviet times because of mystical events.

People saw mirages and holograms. Every night, villagers saw the shadow of a girl in a white dress holding a candle in the field.


Tractor drivers were afraid to work in the local fields, where their machines broke down for unknown reasons. The cattle also did not want to graze and avoided the local pastures.


Lake Somynske


The Ukrainian Loch Ness is Lake Somyn in Volyn. It is rumored that a terrible monster with a lizard's head and a crocodile's body lives here at a depth of 56 meters.


The first witness to the miracle was the headman of the local village. He said that the local fishermen were scared because the unknown creature was destroying the lake's fauna and stealing cattle.


Residents of the surrounding villages noticed that birds stopped flying over the reservoir, fish were no longer caught, and animals no longer came to the reservoir.


Some time later, in 1942, the creature was seen again. In this regard, the authorities decided to organize observation of the lake. The observation group consisted of soldiers and divers.


Traces of this can be seen today on the shore of the lake - metal nets that were used to catch the creature.


Hitler's Werewolf headquarters


"Werewolf" is the name of the Fuhrer's main headquarters on the Eastern Front, a specially equipped station where Adolf Hitler and his staff conducted military operations. According to legend, Hitler consulted with magicians and psychics when he chose this place.


The legend of the giant bunker in Werwolf originated with a German surgeon who described the dungeon in detail in his postwar memoirs.

Gruppenführer Hans Rattenhuber, who was responsible for Hitler's personal security, also said during interrogations that it was possible to go underground.


Since 2012, the Historical and Memorial Complex for the Victims of Nazism has been opened on the territory of the pond, which operates as a branch of the Vinnytsia Regional Museum of Local Lore.


Gromovyshche lawn


There is a unique place near the town of Korosten. During thunderstorms, numerous lightning flashes periodically strike the same place on the Hromovyshche lawn.


According to eyewitnesses, from time to time a very bright beam of light illuminates the grass and quickly rises into the sky.


Local legend says that once upon a time there was a large and beautiful mansion here that belonged to a rich man. His caustic temperament did not give the locals peace of mind. However, nature took revenge on him - he was struck by lightning. The powerful discharge turned the estate itself into ashes.

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Berestuvate Lake (Black)


The official name of the lake near the village of Vodyane, Znamianske district, is Berestuvate, but it is called Black Lake because no one knows its depth.


One of the unique features of the lake is the presence of floating islands. The floats are constantly in motion. Therefore, if you are standing on the shore, you can find yourself in the center of the lake. Rare orchids bloom on these islands, and plants and trees grow.


The only building on the shore of the Black Lake is an old abandoned house, a former government hut. People who stayed overnight in this eerie place later claimed to have seen mermaids.


Locals say that the chariot of Khan Giray, made of pure gold and inlaid with diamonds and sapphires, once sank right here, and remained forever submerged at the bottom of the Black Lake.


Tarakaniv Fort


The Tarakaniv Fortress is a defensive fort built in the late 19th century, located in a picturesque place on the Ikva River near the village of Tarakaniv in the Lviv region.


This fortress witnessed the stunning Brusyliv Offensive, which played an important role during the First World War.


It is said that at night the castle is haunted by the ghosts of soldiers who found their last resting place near the castle. There are many accounts of strange things happening at night. People have indeed heard extraterrestrial sounds, seen shadows, and noticed the movement of objects.


Lake Nesamovyte


This alpine lake of the Ukrainian Carpathians is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Turkul.


The valley where Nesamovyte is located, covered with flowers and fluffy alpine pine forests nearby, contrasts sharply with the sharp, inaccessible rocks of the ridges.


This mysterious place has long been shrouded in endless legends and stories. It is said that if you throw stones into the lake, you can bring on a terrible weather, stormy winds and torrential rain: a rider on a white horse appears from the water.


Wherever the horse kicks, pieces of ice break off. The souls of sinners fly out of the water, put the ice in bags, and fly away from Chornohora in all directions on black clouds. Wherever the sack is untied, hail will fall to the ground.


But there is also a good belief: if you wash yourself with water from the lake, you will be lucky to meet your true love within a year.


Ukrainian natural wonders are striking in their beauty, and incredible stories and legends are breathtaking. These amazing locations are definitely worth your attention. To see these mysterious and shrouded in secrets places with your own eyes, you can choose a tour of Ukraine to your liking.

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