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19 Jul. 2022


Where are Diia's digital documents accepted?



Where are Diia's digital documents accepted?

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Ukrainians are already used to the fact that digital documents have completely replaced paper ones. Passport, TIN, driver's license, child's birth certificate, and many other documents are with you at any moment in the application.

In Ukraine, documents in Diia are equated with paper and plastic documents and are accepted almost everywhere:

• Centers for Administrative Services

• Department of Social Policy and Social Protection

• State institutions

• Courts

• Financial institutions

• Postal companies

• Carriers – buses and railways

• Universities, schools, kindergartens, libraries, museums

• Medical facilities and laboratories

• Travel companies

• Hotels and hostels

• Entertainment centers

• Shops and supermarkets

• Cinemas

• Car showrooms

• Mobile operators

• Roadblocks

If you have any other questions about identification documents during the war, we recommend that you consult a personal lawyer.