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04 Aug. 2022


Wizz Air announces 15 new routes across Europe

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Wizz Air announces 15 new routes across Europe

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Wizz Air announced the launch of new flights. In particular, nine new destinations are from London.

According to Wizz Air, 15 new flights will be launched connecting Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Great Britain, Portugal, Jordan, Morocco, the Czech Republic, Estonia, and Egypt.

Full list of new flights:

• Vilnius (Lithuania) – Grenoble (France)

• Warsaw (Poland) – Madeira (Portugal)

• Budapest (Hungary) – Madeira (Portugal)

• Cluj-Napoca (Romania) – Perugia (Italy)

• Bucharest (Romania) – Ancona (Italy)

• Venice (Italy) – Amman (Jordan)

• London-Luton (UK) – Tallinn (Estonia)

• London-Luton (UK) – Prague (Czech Republic)

• London-Luton (UK) – Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt)

• London-Luton (UK) – Hurghada (Egypt)

• London-Gatwick (UK) – Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt)

• London-Gatwick (UK) – Verona (Italy)

• London-Gatwick (UK) – Grenoble (France)

• London-Gatwick (UK) – Marrakesh (Morocco)

• London-Gatwick (UK) – Agadir (Morocco)

You can familiarize yourself with the detailed flight schedule on the airline's website.

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