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29 Sep. 2022


Language issue and donations to the Armed Forces: What did the Ukrainians start doing since the beginning of the war?



Language issue and donations to the Armed Forces: What did the Ukrainians start doing since the beginning of the war?

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The war is about pain, tears and losses, but at the same time, the war started by Russia against Ukraine is about the strength, unity and freedom of the Ukrainian people.

Every day, the Ukrainian nation is becoming stronger, with its war, Russia did for Ukraine what 30 years of independence and none of the presidents could do - 100% of Ukrainians rallied, felt love for their land and began to call it a state and defend its freedom. In August, the National Democratic Institute of Ukraine conducted sociological surveys to find out how Ukrainians have changed over the past 6 months and what people do to win.

The language issue and national symbols

The language issue is probably one of the most painful, because it is heard from the mouths of the invaders that they are protecting the Russian-speaking population, while at the same time gradually destroying the homes of the residents of Kharkiv Oblast, Luhansk Oblast, Donetsk Oblast and other regions where the Russian-speaking population prevailed to some extent.

This is probably why more and more Ukrainians do not want to associate themselves with Russians and switch to the Ukrainian language. According to statistics, 84% of Ukrainians began to communicate more in Ukrainian since the beginning of the war, 10% would do it more often if there was an opportunity. Some communicate in Ukrainian at home, some at work, but only 3% of Ukrainian citizens believe that Russian should be made the second state language.

Love for national symbols has also been revived - 55% of Ukrainians have worn national symbols or colors since the beginning of the war, and 31% plan to do so when the opportunity arises. Jewelry with national symbols is gaining popularity, patriotic prints can also be found on clothes more and more often, and the merch collection from Visit Ukraine is no exception. Children's toys, car accessories, dishes, household items decorated with national symbols - proudly adorn the lives of Ukrainians.

Defense of the country

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, 21% of Ukrainians have joined the ranks of the Armed Forces or Territorial Defense, and another 53% are ready to do so if necessary. So, three out of four Ukrainians are ready to defend our freedom on the battlefield. 37% of Ukrainians are involved in volunteer activities, but 50% of citizens still want to help. And most importantly, 81% of Ukrainians have at least once donated funds to the Armed Forces, and 16% plan to do so when the opportunity arises.

So, Ukrainians understood from the first days that we would fight. Some are fighting with weapons in hand, some are in the ranks of volunteers, and all the rest are on the economic front, supporting the state and closing numerous military and humanitarian gatherings.

Aid to IDPs

Ukrainians have become united: a Ukrainian from Lviv or Kharkiv, Vinnytsia or Mykolaiv thinks the same about the war - they experience losses, feel fear and uncertainty about the future. However, there is no doubt that those who lived in settlements located on the front line or temporarily occupied territories experience much more problems and worries. More than half of Ukrainian citizens sheltered forcibly displaced persons in their homes or helped with things or personal hygiene products. The rest of the Ukrainians are ready to do it when the opportunity arises.

Ukrainians felt that there is no other person's trouble, because now we have one trouble for everyone and one dream for everyone - this is Victory. All Ukrainians believe in Victory, because without faith we cannot overcome the enemy.

Keep yourselves! Glory to Ukraine!

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