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How much money do I need in Kiev?



How much money do I need in Kiev?

The Ukrainian capital continues to fascinate and attract foreign tourists. This is not surprising, as the city impresses visitors with its beauty, architecture, and rich history. Find out more about how much a trip to Kyiv will cost in 2024

Apply for an insurance policy covering military risks for entry and stay in Ukraine
Apply for an insurance policy covering military risks for entry and stay in Ukraine

Kyiv is the historical, cultural and business center of Ukraine, one of the oldest capitals of Europe, which attracts tourists from different parts of the world. The majority of foreign travelers during their trip to Ukraine most often stop in Kyiv. You can return to the Ukrainian capital again and again, because it is able to impress guests every time.

You can see all the sights of Kyiv in 2 days, however, if you are planning an active and interesting vacation, we advise you to stay here for at least 3-5 days.

How much money is needed for a trip to Kyiv? The cost estimate of a vacation in the Ukrainian capital in 2024 is further in our material.

How much does a vacation in Kyiv cost?

During your vacation, expect to spend about $35 (1,376 UAH) per day on vacation in Kyiv. This amount is an average among travelers and includes payment for accommodation, meals, trips on public transport and one excursion.

A weekly trip to Kyiv for two people will cost an average of $361 (14,102 UAH).

The cost of renting a room in accommodation facilities in Kyiv

There are many accommodation facilities in Kyiv, both budget and quite interesting. The average cost of accommodation in Kyiv hotels varies from $10 (393 UAH) in a hostel to $34 (1338 UAH) in a 3-star hotel. The price per night in a luxury hotel is about $240 (9,400 UAH). How to book a hotel in Ukraine? Detailed instructions here.

Daily rent of a one-room apartment in Kyiv costs about $15 (600 UAH). Read in detail about the features of renting an apartment in Ukraine in our material.

Food prices in the Ukrainian capital

Ukrainian cuisine is another attraction and pearl of the state. Tourists should definitely try Ukrainian borscht and lard with garlic, as well as dumplings with various fillings.

The most outstanding dishes of Kyiv can be considered the Kyiv-style cutlet, which is a chicken roll filled with butter, deep-fried with breadcrumbs, and the Kyiv cake, which is a combination of crispy cakes with delicate butter cream and nuts.

The cost of lunch in a middle-class restaurant is $7.5 (297 UAH), dinner for two in a good restaurant will cost from $35 (1,400 UAH), a Big Mac Menu at McDonalds is $5.7 (227 UAH), a bottle of beer ( 0.5 l) - $1.2 (46 UAH), a cup of cappuccino - $1.4 (54 UAH), cola or Pepsi (0.33 l) - $0.58 (23 UAH), a bottle of water (0 .33 l) - $0.38 (15 UAH).

The top institutions of Kyiv according to the experts of Visit Ukraine at the link.

The price of products in Kyiv supermarkets is as follows: milk (1 liter) - $0.97 (38 UAH), white bread - $0.69 (27 UAH), eggs (10 pieces) - $1.75 (69 UAH), local cheese (1 kg) - $8.62 (339 UAH), apples (1 kg) - $0.7 (27 UAH), bananas (1 kg) - $1.45 (57 UAH), a bottle of water (1, 5 l) - $0.48 (19 UAH), a bottle of wine - $5 (197 UAH), craft beer (0.5 l) - $0.86 (34 UAH), a pack of cigarettes - $2.25 (88 UAH).

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The cost of a trip on public transport in Kyiv

Public transport in Kyiv is represented by the metro, buses, trams, trolleybuses, suburban electric trains, route taxis and even a funicular.

The most important mode of transport for tourists is the subway, as many stations are located near the main attractions of the city. The ticket price is $0.2 (8 UAH). They are sold in vending machines, cash registers in the subway, or you can pay with a contactless bank card.

A ticket for a bus, trolleybus and tram for one person also costs $0.2 (8 UAH), it can be purchased from the conductor or at the ticket offices. Be sure to compost the ticket.

Also a reliable assistant for residents and guests of the capital is the "Kyiv Digital" application - an application in which users can buy tickets for city transport, top up travel cards, as well as receive notifications about air alarms, accidents or pay for parking. Read how to use the application at the link.

An excellent option to replace public transport is to rent a bicycle. The cost of renting a bicycle is from $1.96 (77 UAH) per hour.

Also, taking into account that it is much more convenient to drive in your own vehicle, we recommend renting a car in Kyiv. This pleasure costs from $35 (1,376 UAH) per day. The price of a liter of gasoline in Kyiv is $1.4 (54 hryvnias). Find everything you need to know to rent a car in Ukraine using the link. Read here how to act if your car is towed to the penalty area.

The average price of a 6-12 km taxi ride in Kyiv ranges from $3.5 to $5 (150-200 UAH).

The price of entrance tickets to the main attractions of the Ukrainian capital

The entrance fee to most museums in Kyiv is $3.5-$15 (from UAH 130 to UAH 590), depending on the exhibition.

Excursions usually cost from $10 to $50 (386 - 1,931 UAH).

For example, a ticket to Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra is $2.5 (100 UAH), to the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine in Pyrogovo — $2.5 (100 UAH), Golden Gate — $1.5 (60 UAH).


How to get to Kyiv and how much will it cost?

The closure of the airspace significantly affected the operation of transport in Ukraine. From now on, you can enter the country only by land transport - by train, bus or your own car.

● The majority of tourists prefer rail travel because of its speed and comfort. Ukraine is connected to European cities by many trains. You can get to Kyiv:

- from Poland - Warsaw, Przemyśl, Chelm.

- Hungary - from Budapest.

- Austria - from Vienna.

- Moldova - from Chisinau.

The average price of a ticket is about $64-80 (2500-2800 UAH).

● Many international bus companies offer direct routes from major European cities to Ukraine, for example, Flixbus, Ecolines, Eurolines, etc. The average price of a ticket is from 70 to 150 euros. The duration of the trip from Europe is about 23 hours.

Please note that prices shown may vary depending on travel style, personal needs and other variables. If you are traveling as a family of three or four, the price per person is often lower, as child tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared.

Kyiv is a very affordable place to visit, which can definitely be considered a tourist pearl of Ukraine. The indomitable capital of the state has a centuries-old history and many places of interest. Therefore, choose a tour and go on a fantastic vacation to the Ukrainian capital.

We remind you! Kyiv is a much more special city than it might seem at first glance. Read more about the unusual places in the capital that hide the secrets and centuries-old history of Ukraine in our previous article.

Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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