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09 Dez. 2021


Winter activities: what you can do in winter in Ukraine



Winter activities: what you can do in winter in Ukraine

Winter is a great time to relax in Ukraine. The resort settlements, where the ski peaks are located, are capable of giving a lot of great impressions. Contemplation of the amazing winter nature, snowboarding, snow tubing, sleigh rides, hot tubs and many other types of recreation.

Today we will tell you what you can do in winter in Ukraine.

• Ski resorts. Ukraine has everything for skiing and snowboarding for both a beginner and an experienced extreme. The most famous winter resorts are Bukovel, Dragobrat, Slavskoe, Pylypets, Yablunitsa, Migovo. They have everything you need for a good rest – slopes, slopes, facilities, lifts, snowmaking systems, hotels, restaurants.

• Special winter atmosphere in winter in Lviv. During the New Year and Christmas holidays, the city becomes very vibrant and romantic. Imagine walking down the narrow streets with hot mulled wine in your hands, watching the local New Year's fairs, listening to the pre-holiday noise and enjoying the city's grandeur. What could be better?

• Sledding is an old winter entertainment in Ukraine, and today every tourist can zip around Vorokhta on a sleigh pulled by horses or dogs. At the same time, the walk will allow you to see the sights of Vorokhta – colorful wooden houses and churches covered with fresh snow, picturesque views of the wooded mountains and the Prut River.

• Transcarpathian region is very famous for its thermal resorts. One of the famous resorts is located in the village of Koson and invites travelers to warm up in the pools up to 42 °C. Near the village there are several wells of mineral thermal waters rich in iron, zinc, calcium and other microelements.

• Wooden residence of St. Nicholas in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Every year children look forward to December 19th. On this day, Saint Nicholas with his assistants delivers gifts for little angels throughout the country. A visit to the house where the miracle worker lives will become a real New Year's miracle for a child and an adult.

• Gogol glorified her in his works, and today she is a tourist magnet of Ukraine not only in summer, but also in winter - Dykanka. In winter, this atmosphere is truly enchanting. It is recommended to come here on New Year's Eve or early January to feel the real Christmas atmosphere according to Ukrainian folk traditions.

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And this is far from the end. In Ukraine, there are many picturesque, picturesque places that attract tourists in winter. We will definitely introduce you to everyone who will leave a piece of warmth and good emotions in our memory. Travel in Ukraine!