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26 Jul. 2022


Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic lost the right to free health insurance

Für Flüchtlinge
Czech Republic


Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic lost the right to free health insurance

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From July 25, Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic will no longer be able to use free medical insurance provided by the state as part of temporary protection. It is reported by Radio Prague International. Within 8 days after the expiration of the state insurance period, Ukrainians must notify the former insurance company about who will cover their health insurance in the future.

It is assumed that this decision will affect about 215 thousand Ukrainians aged 18 to 65 who were insured by the largest Czech company VZP. You can contact VZP about a new insurer in person at the branches or by filling out an online form.

Previously, the Czech government planned to automatically renew health insurance for Ukrainian refugees for one year, but the parliament reduced this period to 150 days.

However, there are certain categories of persons for whom the Czech state will continue to pay insurance: children under 18 and older people over 65, refugees with disabilities, the unemployed, registered at the labor exchange, students, parents with a child under 7 years old or with two and more children under 15 years of age, as well as in other cases.

To receive insurance from the state, refugees must provide documents confirming their respective status.

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