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Synevyr is a very beautiful, romantic and extremely inspiring place, in which you feel how you are filled with vital energy and natural strength.

You will visit the high mountain lake Synevyr, which is recognized as one of the seven wonders of Ukraine. You will see one of the most beautiful Carpathian waterfalls Shypit, whose water falls from a height of fifteen meters. The chairlift will take you to the top of Mount Gymba, where a grand panorama of the Borzhavsky Highlands opens from a height of 1,300 m. In the bear rehabilitation centre, you will meet the master of the Carpathian Mountains, depicted on the coat of arms of Transcarpathia, the brown bear. During the excursion to Synevyr, you will discover the history and culture of Transcarpathian Hutsuls, who conquer with their bright colour and originality.

Excursion program to Synevyr:

- Departure from Uzhhorod.

– Amazing panoramic views from Volovetsky Pass.

- Moving to the village of Synevyrska Polyana. Excursion to the national park to the beautiful lake Synevyr.

- A visit to the bear shelter.

- Lunch in a hut, dishes of Hutsul cuisine.

- Moving to the village of Pylypets. A walk to the largest waterfall Shypit in Transcarpathia.

- Climb to Mount Gymba, amazing Borzhavsky polonies.

- Return to Uzhhorod.

An excursion to Synevyr from Uzhhorod and Mukachevo will allow you to fully enjoy the indescribable beauty of Transcarpathia's nature, about which legends are written. It seems that you can walk there endlessly. During this trip, you will not only get the opportunity to fall in love with a beautiful lake in the Carpathians but also learn a lot of interesting things about Transcarpathia itself from our wonderful tour guides.

The tour starts at 09:00

Excursion ends at 17:00

Paid additionally:

Ascent on the cable car 140 UAH/person.

Entrance tickets: to the lake (30 UAH/person), waterfall (20 UAH/person), to the bear shelter (30 UAH/person)

Lunch approximately 100 UAH

The tour is conducted in Ukrainian.

*The originality of the text is completely preserved by the author of the tour (tour operator)

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After leaving Uzhhorod, we will head to the amazing high-altitude region of Transcarpathia - Mizhhirshchyna. And on the way, we will pass through four legendary and stunning districts of the Zakarpattia region: Mukachivskyi, Svalyavskyi, Volovetskyi and Mizhhirskyi.

A stop in Synevyrska Polyana awaits you on the territory of the Synevyr National Park, where Lake Synevyr and the rehabilitation centre for bears are located. The brown bear is depicted on the coat of arms of Transcarpathia and has been considered the master of the Carpathian mountains for a long time. More than 10 resident bears already live in the shelter, which is located on an area of 12 hectares, walking peacefully behind a light wire net. This household is guarded by a reliable electric shepherd. Such a complex is the first and so far the only one in our country, which means that the influx of new settlers is ensured.

Further on, the picturesque high-altitude Lake Synevyr, surrounded by age-old Carpathian spruces, awaits you. The lake is located at an altitude of 989 meters and is rightfully considered one of the seven wonders of Ukraine. The maximum depth of the lake is 24 meters, and the area of the lake is 4-5 hectares. The name of the lake arose from a beautiful legend about the love of Syna and Vyr, in memory of which two huge carved figures tower over the lake. A popular rumour says: that if people met and fell in love on Synevyr Lake, they will have a strong and lasting love for a lifetime.

After seeing the beauty, you need to refresh yourself! A delicious lunch awaits you in a Hutsul hut, where original Transcarpathian folk cuisine is presented!

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5 reasons to choose tour


To take a walk around Lake Synevyr


To see a brown bear


To climb Mount Gymba


To feel the spray of the Shypit waterfall


To hear interesting stories and legends of Mizhhirya

Key landmarks


Lake Synevyr

The Coniferous Carpathians may seem like a mysterious land that hides the view in densely wooded slopes. Lake Synevyr is its soul and it opens to the sky on inaccessible peaks.


Shypit waterfall

You have probably already heard a lot about the so-called natural wonders of Ukraine, there are only seven of them. One of them is the legendary Shypit waterfall, it is the most magnificent waterfall in Transcarpathia.


Brown bear rehabilitation centre

It is the unique and the only shelter for brown bears in Ukraine. The Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center is located in the amazing nature of the Synevyr National Nature Park, not far from the high-altitude Lake Synevyr and the picturesque Shypit waterfall.


Gymba mountain

Curved like a dragon's tail, the Borzhava mountain range rises above the rest of the mountains like an island above the sea. From its peaks, in particular, the Gymba, Velikyi Verkh and Magura mountains, a stunning view opens up, it is breathtaking.

What is included?

Travel by comfortable bus

Travel by comfortable bus

Accompanying guide

Accompanying guide

Excursion service at tourist sites

Excursion service at tourist sites

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.