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12 Feb. 2022


Entry Rules to Ukraine: Recommendations from VisitUkraine.Today



Entry Rules to Ukraine: Recommendations from VisitUkraine.Today

War risk insurance is a guarantee of your protected stay on the territory of Ukraine
War risk insurance is a guarantee of your protected stay on the territory of Ukraine
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For all foreign citizens, entry into Ukraine begins with crossing the border and passing through passport control.

We have prepared a universal checklist that will help you prepare in advance for crossing the Ukrainian border.

General rules for the entry of foreigners into Ukraine

Authorized officials of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine provide a foreigner, a stateless person with permission to cross the state border of Ukraine, provided:

1) he has a valid passport document (the passport must be valid for the entire period of stay in the country);

Citizens of Turkey and Georgia can enter Ukraine on the basis of an ID card – they have received such permission since March 2019.

2) the absence of a decision of the authorized state body of Ukraine on the prohibition of entry into Ukraine;

3) the presence of an entry visa, unless otherwise provided by the legislation of Ukraine;

4) confirmation of the purpose of the planned stay;

5) the availability of sufficient financial support for the period of the planned stay and for the return to the state of origin or transit to a third state or the availability of the possibility to obtain sufficient financial support legally in the territory of Ukraine.

How to check the ban on entry to Ukraine?

To find out if a foreigner has a valid ban on entry into Ukraine, it is necessary to submit an Application in advance about the possible existence of a decision to ban entry in relation to a foreigner and a stateless person.

The appeal must be submitted in person and / or sent in writing (sealed in an envelope) to the address of the Main Center for Processing Special Information of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

How to confirm the purpose of entry into Ukraine?

The simplest and most effective way to justify the purpose of a visit to Ukraine is a notarized invitation from Ukrainian citizens - relatives, acquaintances, friends, etc.

In the absence of an invitation, the purpose of the visit can be justified by:

- hotel reservations, apartment rental contracts;

- travel vouchers;

- invitation/tickets to seminars, exhibitions, fairs;

- documents on treatment in medical institutions;

- written confirmation of the meeting, conference, etc.;

- invitations from firms and organizations;

- a visa or tickets to a third country (to justify the purpose of the trip "transit to a third country").

When obtaining visas at the consulates of third countries (for example, the United States) on the territory of Ukraine, the purpose of the visit is confirmed by the relevant document (for example, a completed application form, an appointment with the Consulate).

How much money do you need to have to enter Ukraine?

Entry and stay on the territory of Ukraine of foreigners is carried out in the presence of sufficient funds or the possibility of obtaining these funds in a legal way (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 884 of 04.12.2013). Verification of financial support is carried out by authorized officials of the State Border Service selectively, i.e. there is always a chance that you will not have to prove your ability to pay.

The calculation of the amount of money required for living in Ukraine is carried out according to the formula: FS = ((20 × LW) ÷ 30) × (ND + 5), where

FS - sufficient financial support

LW - a living wage per person per month

ND - the number of days spent in Ukraine

According to the methodology for calculating the minimum amount that a foreigner must have to visit Ukraine, the cost of living is taken for the calculation, established on the day of entry into the country.

From December 1, 2021, the cost of living for 1 person per month is UAH 2393.

Thus, the required amount for an adult for 7 days:

((20×2393 hryvnia): 30) x (7+5) = 19,144 hryvnia

Holders of a residence permit in Ukraine, minor children, diplomats, refugees, as well as tourists on a cruise are exempted from passing a financial check. For other categories of citizens, to confirm the availability of sufficient financial security, it is enough to present:

- cash in hryvnia or other convertible foreign currency;

- bank cards, statements and checks from ATMs;

- a letter of guarantee from the host party on the obligation to pay all the expenses of a foreigner related to staying in Ukraine and leaving it;

- confirmation of booking or payment for accommodation and meals;

contract for tourist services (voucher, ticket);

- travel ticket to return to the country of permanent residence or to a third country with a fixed date.

Please note that any document must be drawn up in English or have an English translation in order for the Border Service representatives to be able to read it.

Do not forget that all foreign citizens and stateless persons, regardless of age and country of arrival, to enter Ukraine must have an insurance policy issued by an insurance company registered in Ukraine or a foreign insurance company that has a representative office on the territory of Ukraine or a contractual relationship with an insurance company. a partner company in Ukraine (assistance), which covers the costs associated with the treatment of COVID-19, observation, and is valid for the entire stay in Ukraine. You can get insurance for entering Ukraine online in 3 minutes on the VisitUkraine.Today website.

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