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09 Okt. 2022


Indian summer has come to Kyiv: a selection of tours around the capital



Indian summer has come to Kyiv: a selection of tours around the capital

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

An anticyclone is gradually entering Ukraine along with the "indian summer". For several days now, the thermometer has been reaching 20 degrees during the day.

According to forecasts, no significant precipitation is expected in Kyiv in the coming week. Air temperature during the day is forecast to be +12...+14 degrees, later it will warm up to +15...+19 degrees. In the future, dry weather will prevail and the air temperature will remain at the level of +16 degrees and above. Such weather is ideal for small trips, because there is an opportunity to enjoy the last warm rays of the sun and spend time with family or a loved one.

We offer you a selection of small excursions in the capital, where you can invite your friends and acquaintances, and together with a wonderful company enjoy the incredible views of Kyiv in the last really warm days of the year.


Kyiv is a real hero city. And in February-March he proved it again! For those tourists who visit Kyiv for the first time, this tour will become a real treasure. In just one day, you will be able to fully understand this city: see all the sights, as well as hidden atmospheric courtyards that tourists do not know about. We will drink coffee in the old part of the city, looking at the architecture of the 19th century, visit ancient cathedrals, enjoy views of Kyiv from above, taste delicious local dishes, buy souvenirs made by Ukrainian craftsmen, learn about the prehistory of traditions, mentality and modern way of life of Kyivans.


Kyiv is a mystical city, Gogol and Bulgakov wrote about it. It has many places that testify to the presence of evil forces in the city. All the mystique of Kyiv is centered around cathedrals, churches, tracts, the legendary Lysa and Zamkova mountains. During the walking tour, you will be able to walk through the most mysterious street of the capital, through its mystical and energy center, and hear what signs used to recognize a witch. Mykola Gogol wrote: "All women are witches, and those who are older are definitely witches", and you and I will be convinced of this.


What do you know about "Evening Kyiv"? This is not only the name of candies that are a business card of the capital or a popular newspaper, but also an amazing and unique view of the ancient capital! Excursion "Evening Kyiv" is a visit to the observation decks of Kyiv, it is an opportunity to see the mysterious and romantic city in the light of lanterns and neon lamps, it is an unforgettable impression of illuminations and the light of spotlights. During the excursion, you will visit the following monuments: Glory Park, the Arch of Freedom of the Ukrainian People, Volodymyr Hill, Prince Volodymyr's Monument, St. Andrew's Church. You will have wonderful panoramas of temples, bridges, districts of Kyiv - Podol and Left Bank.

Photo: Kateryna Synelnyk


At the beginning of the 20th century, a system of underground passages was built near the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in the depths of the slope. The ancient drainage tunnel has about three kilometers of underground passages on two levels. The fact is that the land in this area is very saturated with water, and this can lead to landslides. Therefore, drainage galleries were built deep in the mountain to artificially drain the soil. The construction was completed in 1916, as evidenced by the corresponding coat of arms, a crossed anchor and an ax, and below it the above date. You will see all of the above with your own eyes if you follow us underground.


We invite you to a children's walk-excursion in the center of our wonderful capital! You and your children will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of ancient Kyiv in a playful way, as well as find its unusual inhabitants, including: two strange cats, a touching hedgehog in the fog, crows, Alice from Wonderland, a little prince and "for dessert" - a whole town of colorful mosaic figures! Small tourists are waiting for tasty and sweet prizes! It will be interesting, fun and informative!

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