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The rich and very interesting tour program covers the main attractions of the region - cities, castles, waterfalls, nature reserves and mountains. During the seven days, tourists will be introduced to the history of Transcarpathia, local customs, delicious food and the most beautiful landscapes of the Carpathians. You have no idea how many amazing things this corner of Ukraine has to offer!

You will visit: Pylypets, Synevyr, bears and deer, Schönborn Palace, Mukachevo, Beregovo, Uzhhorod, Kosyno, Yaremche, Bukovel.

Tour dates: September 10, 24, October 8, 22

Tour program

Day 1

- Departure from Lviv (09:00);

- Pylypets (viewing the Shypit waterfall, lunch, ascent by cable car to Mount Gymba, check-in, free time, dinner, evening bonfire).

Day 2

- Breakfast and check-out (08:00);

- Kelechyn (tasting of unique mineral water)

- Synevyr Pass (overview of the Carpathian panoramas) 

- Synevyr National Park (rehabilitation center for brown bears, walk to the lake, lunch)

- Kolochava (tour of museums and scenes from the life of highlanders) 

- Soybeans (tasting of unique mineral water) 

- Pylypets (return to the hotel, dinner).

Day 3

- Breakfast and check-out (08:00);

- Sanatorium Karpaty (excursion to Schönborn's palace);

- Mukachevo (castle tour and lunch) 

- Beregovo (swimming in the new thermal pool) 

- Beregovo volcanic lowlands (wine tasting);

- Berehove district (rural tourism estates, check-in at 19:30, dinner).

Day 4

- Breakfast and check-out (08:00);

- Uzhhorod (city tour of the castle and lunch) 

- Kosino (swimming in the thermal pool);

- Berehove district (return to the estate at 20:30, dinner).

Day 5

- Breakfast and check-out (08:00);

- Nyzhnye Selyshche (cheese tasting);

- Iza (deer farm) 

- Lower Apsha (church overview) 

- Business (tour of the center of Europe and lunch) 

- Kvass (tasting of live beer);

- Polianytsia (check in at the hotel at 18:30, Hutsul entertainment, dinner).

Day 6

- Breakfast and check-out (08:00);

- Verkhovyna (a concert tour at the Roman Kumlyk Museum and a tour and photo session in Hutsul clothes at the Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors Museum) 

- Sycamore (master class in quilting) 

- Kosiv (lunch) 

- Kolomyia (tour of the Pysanka Museum and dinner) - Polianytsia (return to the hotel at 21:00).

Day 7

- Breakfast and check-out (08:00);

- Bukovel (ascent by cable car to the top of Mount Bukovel and a view of the Carpathian panorama);

- Yaremche (visiting the waterfall, Hutsulshchyna restaurant, shopping for souvenirs and lunch) 

- Hoshiv (tour of the monastery);

- Bubnyshche (Dovbush rocks) - Lviv (return at 22:30).

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The price does not include: entrance tickets, meals.

Entrance fees: ascent on the chairlift to the Mount Hymba: general - 140 UAH in both directions, children under 10 years old - 100 UAH in both directions; Rehabilitation Center for Brown Bear: general, pensioners - 30 UAH, students and schoolchildren - 15 UAH; Shypit waterfall: general, pensioners, students - 20 UAH, schoolchildren - 10 UAH; Lake Synevyr: general, pensioner - 30 UAH, students and schoolchildren - 15 UAH; Ethnographic Museum of Skansen "Old Village" and Museum of Railway History "Kolochava Narrow Gauge", Branch of the Museum of Forest and Rafting "Kolochava Bokorash": general - 90 UAH/person, pensioners, students - 60 UAH/person, schoolchildren - 45 UAH/person; treats, entertainment with musicians and sketches from the life of highlanders in Kolochava tavern "U Wolfa": (the menu includes: bacon, cheese, garlic, cucumber, bread, cheerful Carpathian water): adults - 100 UAH/person, children - 45 UAH/person; Schönborn Palace: adults, pensioners, students - 20 UAH, schoolchildren - 15 UAH; Mukachevo Castle: adults - 50 UAH, students, pensioners - 40 UAH, children under 14 - 30 UAH; new thermal pool "Zhayvoronok" in Beregovo: general, pensioners, students - 220 UAH, children from 120 to 150 cm - 110 UAH, children under 120 cm - free, locker rental - 30 UAH. wine tasting: 60 UAH, excursion without wine consumption - 30 UAH; visit to the cult restaurant "Detsa u Notarya" - 5 UAH; Uzhhorod Castle: general (adults, pensioners) - 50 UAH, students - 40 UAH, pupils - 20 UAH, preschool children - free of charge; Kosyno thermal pool: general - 450 UAH, children under 150 cm - free of charge; cheese tasting: general - 75 UAH, deer farm: general, pensioner and student - 30 UAH, schoolchildren - 20 UAH; excursion and tasting of five beers in Kvasy: general, pensioner - 75 UAH/person. excursion-concert in the Museum of Hutsul life and musical instruments named after Roman Kumlyk: general, student and pupil - 35 UAH; museum "Shadows of forgotten ancestors": general, pensioner and student - 30 UAH, pupils - 25 UAH/person; master class in quilting: general, student, pensioner, children - 30 UAH; museum of Easter eggs: general and pensioner - 30 UAH, student - 20 UAH, student - 15 UAH; cable car ride to Mount Bukovel: general - 150 UAH in both directions, pensioners and children under 11 years old - 100 UAH in both directions; Entrance ticket to Dovbush rocks: general, pensioner, student, student - 10 UAH; Transfer to Dovbush rocks on a pazik in both directions: general, pensioner, student, student - 70 UAH, children under 12 - 35 UAH, children under 6 years old - free.

Meals: Approximate cost: lunches - 110-120 UAH, breakfasts - 65-70 UAH, dinners - 95-110 UAH.

Prices are subject to change.

5 reasons to choose tour


Sightseeing of Shipit waterfall


Ascent by chairlift to Mount Gimba


Tasting of unique mineral water


Excursion-concert in the museum of Roman Kumlyk


Swimming in the thermal pool

Key landmarks



The Shypit waterfall is there, it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ukraine, which pours water into a picturesque mountain valley in many mesmerizing cascades between the rocks. It originates from a large underground spring, in one of the most beautiful places of the Ukrainian Carpathians - Borzhava valley. Staying there is a wonderful break from civilization and gives new vitality.



It is the homeland of the President of Carpathian Ukraine, Augustyn Voloshyn. It is also famous for its unique source of naturally carbonated mineral water "Kelechyn".


Synevyr Pass

It is one of the most picturesque passes of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Synevyr Pass is 793 meters high and has wonderful panoramas of the surrounding mountain ranges.


Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center

The Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center with an area of 12 hectares is located on the territory of the Synevyr National Nature Park. The centre was created to rehabilitate brown bears that have been mistreated in snares and victims of natural disasters, to restore their population in the natural habitat.



Beautiful Lake Synevyrhe is the landmark of the Ukrainian Carpathians, it is known as the "Eye of the Sea". It beckons with picturesque mountain landscapes and crystal clear water, in which noble trout have long been found. The lake was formed approximately 10,000 years ago at an altitude of 989 meters and has a maximum depth of 22 meters.



It is one of the most beautiful villages in Transcarpathia. There is a lot of cultural heritage, such as 10 museums, 20 monuments, and 50 significant historical places, the most famous of which is the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life "Stare Selo", the "Kolochavska Narrow Gauge Railway" Railway Museum, and the "Kolochavskyi Bokorash" Museum. All guests are cordially invited to the "U Wolfa" inn, where you can have a treat and see scenes from the life of the highlanders.



The picturesque Carpathian village is famous for its unique source of mineral water "Soymivska", which has the highest calcium content among all mineral waters of Ukraine and has no analogues in the world.


"Karpaty" sanatorium

One of the most beautiful and romantic palaces of Ukraine is located among the picturesque Carpathian mountains - the hunting palace of the Shenborn Counts (1890). The palace is surrounded by a beautiful park with many exotic plants and looks at us through 365 windows, inviting through 12 entrances to 52 rooms.



On a lonely volcanic mountain, there is the most powerful fortress in Ukraine - Palanok Castle (XIV century). It was built by Prince Fedir Koryatovych and the heroic glory of Princess Ilona Zrini. If you have free time in Mukachevo, you can also explore a lot of interesting things: the chapel of St. Martyna (XIV century), Rakotsi Palace (1663) and the beautiful green town hall (1903).



The former "Beregsas" has long been known for its architectural monuments, but most tourists come here for treatment, pleasure and relaxation. The modern health resort "Zhaivoronok" is located there, which is famous for its pools with unique thermal water (temperature 31-45 C). All year-round guests of the complex can be treated and relax in outdoor and indoor pools with natural mineral water that rises directly from thermal wells more than 1 km deep.


Berehiv Volcanic Lowland

The surroundings of Berehove have long been famous throughout the world for their wines, which have a wonderful aroma and a great wealth of taste properties. This is thanks to the volcanic rocks on which the grapes grow and the energy of the sun because this is where the sunniest days in Transcarpathia are.



The first mention of this eternal border town on the Uzh River dates back to 872, it will charm even the most demanding tourist with its charm and colour. Take a walk along the historic street of the city - Korzo, visit the most famous church of the city, the Cathedral of the Ascension of the Holy Cross (1841), the Roman Catholic Church of St. George (1775), and see one of the oldest castles in Ukraine (14th century), the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (open-air museum) and visit the cult inn "Detsa u Notarya".



The super-modern recreation complex "Thermal waters of Kosyno" is located in an oak grove, and has 5 pools, and 7 saunas, the average temperature in the thermal pools is + 41 °C. The pride of the complex is the largest jacuzzi fountains in Ukraine with "coffee", "wine", "beer", "palenka" and the illusion fountain "Golden faucet of health" with a height of 15.5 meters. Adults and children enjoy recreation there, and it also benefits health.


Nyzhnye Selysche

It is a unique village in Ukraine, which is a model of the local economy. Residents united in the "Local Development Association", thanks to which the infrastructure of the village was developed and a cheese factory was opened, which invites you to taste various types of cheese with wine. The cheese is made according to Swiss technology and is the best in Ukraine. Those who like cheese will be able to buy it at the manufacturer's prices.



Not far from this capital of wicker weaving in Ukraine, there is a deer farm where more than a hundred spotted deer live and bring great joy to visitors.


Nyzhnya Apsha

The fantastic wooden church of St. Nicholas (1604) is in this extremely pompous Romanian village, the church is an excellent example of Maramoros Gothic.



We welcome you to the business centre of Europe. Business, because business people live here, and the centre, because a stone sign has been installed there with a sign: "Permanent, exact, eternal place. Very precisely, with a special device made in Austria-Hungary, the centre of Europe was established according to the scale of meridians and parallels. the Year 1887".



The centre of Transcarpathian lyzhnykarstvo has long been famous for its "fermented" (sour) waters. Fans of stronger drinks are invited to the Hutsul brewery, where you can see the production process and taste the refreshing and exclusive beer, which is brewed from Czech and German ingredients on water from a high-altitude Carpathian spring.



The ethnic-geographical centre of the Hutsul Region is spread out on the banks of the glorious Chornyi Cheremosh River. It has many other charms for discerning tourists, in addition to the picturesque Carpathian panoramas. Here you are hospitably invited to a concert excursion to the private Hutsul museum of life and musical instruments named after Roman Kumlyk.



It is a picturesque Carpathian village, where the ancient traditions of making home-woven woollen blankets (bedclothes) have been preserved, and most of the residents are engaged in bedclothes. You can see the full cycle of the birth of a sleeper from sheep's wool to the finished product, and buy it at manufacturers' prices.



The city of Kolomiyok is one of the most beautiful cities in Galicia, with a wonderful Art Nouveau building in the central part of the city. You should visit the landmark of Kolomyia - the unique Museum of Easter egg painting, also known as the "Easter Egg Museum". It is located in the largest egg in the world (13.5 m) and has an exposition of 12,000 exhibits.



Ski resort No. 1 in Ukraine, where you can climb a chairlift to the top of Mount Bukovel (1115m), which offers a wonderful panorama of Gorgan and the Chorna Hora range.



It is a famous climatic resort located between picturesque mountains in the picturesque valley of the Prut River. Thousands of people admire the cascading waterfall "Probiy" (Yaremchanskyi Huk) and the wooden restaurant "Hutsulshchyna" every year.



It is a vacation spot known throughout Ukraine thanks to the miraculous icon of the Mother of God (1737), which is located in the Church of the Transfiguration (1842) of the Basilian Monastery founded in 1570 on Yasna Hora in the Carpathians.


Rocks of Dovbush - Bubnyshche

The natural monument of state importance is a group of high rocks with an area of 100 hectares, which create mountain landscapes of indescribable beauty in front of forests and mountains. It is believed that the rocks have been used since ancient Russ times (IX-XIII centuries) as rock fortresses and guard fortifications.

What is included?

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route



Travel insurance

Travel insurance

Professional guide

Professional guide

The tour is conducted in the Ukrainian language. Other languages on request.

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.