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21 Oct. 2022


Cash assistance for the residence of IDPs: who can receive payments

Cash assistance for the residence of IDPs: who can receive payments

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Persons who moved from the territory of Ukraine temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation, as well as from the territories of hostilities and those close to them, have the right to receive monetary payments from the state. We tell you what you need to know about payments for immigrants.

Who can count on IDP payments?

• citizens who left their homes due to fighting or encirclement of the settlement;

• people who left the temporarily occupied territories;

• Ukrainians whose housing is destroyed, damaged or uninhabitable due to shelling or fighting.

In the latter case, in order to receive payment, it is necessary to submit an application for reimbursement.

Resettlement within the settlement due to destroyed housing is also a reason to obtain the status of an internally displaced person (IDP) and claim these benefits.

How to issue IDP payments?

To receive payments, you need to contact one of the listed institutions:

• social security authorities at the place of your actual stay;

• Center for the provision of administrative services;

• government hotline on issues of social protection of IDPs: 15-39;

• "Diia" application;

What documents are required to issue IDP payments?

In order to receive financial assistance, you need to have a certificate of an IDP, as well as present a passport, a certificate of assignment of an individual tax number (TIN) and, if available, documents on the composition of the family (marriage certificate, birth certificates of children.

Is it possible to apply for children or relatives?

Information about a minor child is included in the application of one of the parents, then payments will come to the child as well. An application for the payment of assistance to a person who has been recognized by the court as incompetent may be submitted by his legal representative.

You can also apply for financial assistance at once for the entire family, provided that you provide written consent to the payment of assistance to the family representative from other family members and consent to the processing of personal data (in an arbitrary form).

The amount of cash assistance to IDPs and the order of payments

The benefit is paid monthly from the month, of application (for a full month regardless of the date of application) for each person. For persons with disabilities and children, the amount of payments is 3,000 hryvnias, and for other persons - 2,000 hryvnias.

What to do if you applied but did not receive payment?

To clarify questions regarding the payment of cash assistance to IDPs, you can contact:

• to the government hotline 15-39;

• to the Ministry of Social Policy: 0 800 502 757, 044 289 86 22;

• National Service: 044 289 87 89;

• to the Information and Computing Center of the Ministry of Social Policy (for those who do not have an IDP certificate in "Diia").

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