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05 Nov. 2022


Help points in Poland: an online service was created for Ukrainians

For refugees


Help points in Poland: an online service was created for Ukrainians

Support our team, which helps thousands of Ukrainians every day
Support our team, which helps thousands of Ukrainians every day

Ukrainian refugees who are currently in Poland and need help will now be able to get it quickly by using the Mapuj Pomoc online platform.

The main goal of the newly created platform is to increase the awareness of refugees from Ukraine about where to find a certain type of support (psychological, legal, medical, etc.) in any region of Poland.

The service was created specifically for citizens of Ukraine, who often cannot cope with all the challenges they face in a foreign country on their own.

The Mapuj Pomoc online service is available in Polish and Ukrainian.

How to use Mapuj Pomoc online service?

Mapuj Pomoc is an online mapping space for anyone looking for help in Poland or wanting to offer it. The initiative unites all types of organized assistance.

The portal creates a nationwide database of institutions that actively help refugees from Ukraine, and provides two possibilities of use: finding help and providing support.

According to the Office of the Prime Minister of Poland, more than 100 aid points from all over Poland are currently registered in the project.

How to find help through the Mapuj Pomoc search platform?

For refugees who have a certain need, the website has a Map tab.

By choosing the "Find help" function, users get access to the map information space, where they can easily find local centers that provide material, institutional and social assistance in any region of the country.

In order to search for the support you need, you need to refine your request by specifying a specific keyword phrase or specifying:

• the type of material assistance required (financial, medicines, children's toys, clothes or shoes, etc.);

• type of required services (legal, language assistant, translator, psychologist, etc.);

• location (province, region, city);

• format of desired help (online service, hotline, stationary centers, etc.).

After filtering the information according to your request, you will see a center that provides the necessary assistance in your locality or close to you.

You can also search for relevant centers using the proposed interactive map, on which you can immediately see the location of the aid points and assess the proximity to your location.

Who can become a participant in the Mapuj Pomoc initiative?

Anyone can join the Mapuj Pomoc volunteer project and offer help to citizens of Ukraine who are currently in Poland - both legal entities and individuals. Including:

• educational institutions and teacher training centers;

• non-governmental organizations and institutions;

• local assistance centers;

• points of collective accommodation;

• day centers and night shelters;

• cultural and community centers;

• other companies that support refugees from Ukraine.

In order to become a project participant and provide support to Ukrainians, organizations must create their own account on the service by adding their organization's profile through the "Provide support" function.