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Secrets of winter driving in Ukraine: tips for motorists for safety on winter roads



Secrets of winter driving in Ukraine: tips for motorists for safety on winter roads

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Do you need legal advice? Order the "Private lawyer" service online — quickly and professionally

Driving in winter is quite different from driving at other times of the year and has a certain number of peculiarities. With the first ice, the number of accidents increases dramatically, and this most often indicates that drivers are unprepared for the winter period. However, understanding all the nuances and knowing the rules will protect you from unnecessary problems on the road.

The most common causes of winter accidents

According to experts, three main factors can be identified that lead to an accident in winter:

• Driver's experience - unfortunately, according to statistics, it is the lack of appropriate driver's experience that is the most common cause of road accidents in winter. Therefore, experts advise you to judge your strength wisely during winter trips.

• Weather conditions – sharp maneuvers, too short braking distance, fast start.

• Speeding without taking into account the condition of the road surface.

The probability of getting into a road accident in winter is quite high, you can provoke an accident or simply suffer from the maneuvers of other road users. Also, a large amount of snow and a lack of parking spaces can lead to your violation of parking rules and, as a result, the evacuation of your car.

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Rules for driving a car in winter

Rule 1. Technical inspection.

The vehicle must be ready to conquer winter roads:

• winter tires with a tread depth of 1.5 cm or more;

• functional wipers and antifreeze liquid in the glass washer tank;

• battery condition – winter frosts wear down the battery quite a lot, so a timely replacement of the battery will protect you from an emergency situation on the road and the search for a tow truck;

• good operation of brakes;

• working headlights.

Rule 2. Warm up the car before each trip.

It is necessary to clear snow and ice from the windshield, mirrors, windows and, if necessary, warm up the engine (depending on the age of the car).

Rule 3. Do not make sudden movements when driving on a snowy or slippery road.

Acceleration, sharp cornering or heavy braking reduce traction and increase the risk of the car skidding.

Rule 4. Follow the speed limit.

It is important not only not to exceed the speed, but even better to reduce it a little. Experts advise to reduce the speed by at least 2 times. Also, you should not exceed the speed, even if, at first glance, the road is dry and clean.

Rule 5. Be careful on the road.

Move as carefully as possible and do not be too confident.

Rule 6. Keep your distance.

The distance in winter should be twice as long as in summer, because the braking distance on a slippery road is longer.

Rule 7. Carefully consider all maneuvers on the road.

It is not necessary to go for overtaking without unnecessary need, to change sharply between rows. Also, don't forget to turn on your turn signals in time and avoid sudden stops.

Rule 8. Do not panic if you are caught in a blizzard.

Do not press the gas all the way and do not make sudden movements. You can leave the snowdrift only smoothly, carefully rocking the body.

Rule 9. In bad weather, turn on low beam headlights and side lights so that other road users can see you clearly.

This requirement is mandatory for fulfillment at any time of the day.

We remind you! From October 1 to May 1, all drivers in Ukraine must turn on daytime running lights or dipped headlights when moving outside the city.

What do you need to have with you in the car in winter?

A scraper brush for cleaning snow and ice will come in handy. It is better for it to be of medium hardness, so that it sweeps away the snow and does not leave scratches.

Also, don't forget the wires for the batteries. Pay attention to the current they emit. This value must correspond to the one indicated on the battery.

A rope in case of falling into a snowdrift. The length of the cable should be at least 4 meters, and its thickness should not be less than 8 millimeters.

Shovel to clear the path of snow. Both metal and plastic are suitable.


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