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06 Mar. 2022


How Russians are already paying for the actions of their government


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How Russians are already paying for the actions of their government

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Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the world has imposed sanctions on Russia's global economy and politics, as well as on the daily lives of its citizens.

The main consequences of the global economy were:

  • a record fall in the Russian ruble (the dollar is 110 rubles, and the euro - 122, 95 rubles, according to the Moscow Stock Exchange);
  • bankruptcy of Nord Stream -2;
  • sanctions against Russia's largest banks, authorities and oligarchs.

Closure of airspace for Russia from 38 countries:

  • for Russian-owned aircraft;
  • for aircraft with Russian registration;
  • for aircraft under Russian control;
  • for Russian private planes.

Disqualification from world sports:

  • Putin is more of an honorary president of the International Judo Federation;
  • The FIFA matches will no longer feature the Russian national team, will not play the national anthem and will not display its flag;
  • The Champions League final will take place not in St. Petersburg, but in Paris, UEFA said. The Russian national teams will not be able to participate in UEFA and FIFA competitions;
  • The Grand Prix of the Formula 1 World Championship in Sochi was canceled by the decision of the organizers;
  • The International Olympic Committee has called on sports federations to postpone or cancel events in Russia and Belarus altogether. Russia and Belarus were also disqualified from the Paralympic Games;
  • The International Taekwondo Federation has stripped Putin of his honorary black belt (he received it in 2013);
  • The national teams of Russia and Belarus can act as neutral athletes in the International Tennis Championship. Just like neutral athletes, Russians and Belarusians will be able to compete in biathlon and swimming competitions.
  • Russia and Belarus were completely banned from competing in rugby, volleyball, gymnastics, boxing, figure skating, and athletics;
  • The International Federation of Cats has banned Russian cats from participating in shows.

Blocking Russian art products:

  • The Cannes Film Festival banned Russia's participation;
  • Eurovision disqualified Russia;
  • The European Film Academy has blocked films from Russia;
  • Latvian National Opera suspends collaboration with Russia;
  • The Metropolitan Opera stops contacts with artists from Russia;
  • Bologna Children's Book Festival stops cooperation;

Blocking global companies:

Apple and Apple Pay no longer operate in Russia, said Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov. Visa, Mastercard and American Express have banned Russian users from paying with cards abroad.

Twitter is raising charitable funds for Ukraine, and has also banned Russians from creating new profiles on social networks. And YouTube has blocked Russian propaganda channels around the world.

Adidas has refused to cooperate with Russian athletes. Nike has stopped working in an online store in Russia. Amazon supported Ukraine and closed its services to Russians. Zoom has revoked its software development licenses for Russia.

Airbus and Boeing are also suspending cooperation with Russia. Bolt no longer works in Russia. Booking no longer works in Russia.

The largest manufacturers of cars and their components also stop business relationship with Russia. Audi, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes, Citroen, General Motors, Ford and Skoda left Russia.

Walt Disney and Pixar have left the Russian market and will not broadcast their products in Russia. Netflix refused to broadcast movies and TV series, Russian TV channels.

On March 3rd, Ikea, Lego and Canon announced a ban on the sale of their products in Russia. Carlsberg suspends product deliveries. Hermes closes boutiques in Russia. Play Station cannot be charged. Spotify - closes the office in Russia, it is impossible to make a payment. Indite [(Zara; Bershka, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius) will close 502 stores in Russia. IKEA stops working in Russia.

TV channels and media

  • BBC - banned content licensing;
  • Megogo removed all Russian films;
  • Walt Disney and Pixar have left the Russian market and will not broadcast their products in Russia;
  • Netflix refused to broadcast movies and series, Russian TV channels;
  • Paramount stops renting movies.

Russia faces the united response of the world to the brutal assault of Ukraine's sovereignty and independence.